Automate patient charting securely.

Spend more time on patients, not paperwork. Use Magical to type up patient notes faster, write prescriptions with a click, and autofill EMR data.

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Don't let your EMR go into cardiac arrest

Update patient charts instantly

Finish patient notes in seconds without the frustration of copy and pasting or repetitive typing. Magical lets you write complex symptoms, care instructions, and test results in seconds.

At-Home Care

Secure and accurate patient data

Move accurate patient data between systems. No typos or mistakes. Magical’s local and SOC II-compliant automation is built to protect your patients’ data so you can focus on care.

Data Entry

Autofill any EMR in seconds

The Magical Chrome extension will autofill patient info in any web-based EMR. It’ll even work on your clinic’s internal sites and custom patient databases.


Magical love from our healthcare friends

“Magical saves me a minimum of 30 minutes a day. And if I’m able to get even 10% more done in that time… that’s a huge gain.”
Magical has made updating my medical records take a fraction of the time.
Zeyla B.
Physical Therapist @ Therapydia
I have tried several apps and extensions but nothing has been this effective and worked so seamlessly.
Mohammad A., MD
Physician @ Digital Nomad Health
We save 10 hours per week using Magical to speed up auto completion of forms and records in our patient lab portal.
Eric B.
Business Ops @ Rupa Health

Works with your healthcare web tools

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Give your entire healthcare team a boost

Help every member of your healthcare team take notes using the same language. Use Magical to set up shared team templates to make sure you’re documenting important information in a consistent and compliant way.
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Frequently asked questions

Is Magical HIPAA compliant?

The Magical chrome extension ensures that all customer data is stored and transferred securely. This is done via encryption, which means that all customer data is encrypted before it leaves the customer's device and is decrypted after it reaches its destination. This prevents unauthorized access to customer data, ensuring that only the intended recipients can view it. Magical is not intended to store private or identifying data like credit card numbers, social security information, or sensitive patient data.

How do you set up Magical for healthcare?

Magical just works, with no integrations required for your EMR or healthcare platform. You can download the 100% free Chrome extension by visiting the Chrome web store. Within minutes, you’ll be able to set up some simple text expansion templates within the app. No technical expertise, coding skills, or magic wands required.

What can a healthcare professional automate using Magical?

The first thing most recruiters automate using Magical is their documentation. Because you probably already have a ton of boilerplate notes you use when charting patients. Rather than copy and paste these templates, Magical can save all of these for you in one place and let you call them up in just a few keystrokes anywhere you need—whether it’s within your EMR, in your email, or anywhere else. In Magical, these are called templates. To help you save even more time, you can also include placeholders in your templates to instantly personalize your notes with information like the first name of the patient, their age, or other details.

Does Magical work with my existing EMR?

Magical is an ambient automation app, which means it works alongside all other healthcare tools you can open in a Chrome browser window. This includes popular EMRs such as Epic, Medhost, Allscripts, and more. Not only can you use Magical within each of these different healthcare tools, you can also use it to automatically transfer data (like customer details) between them.

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