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Forms are stupid. (Yeah, we said it.) Stop manually copying and pasting into your CRM, CXP, ATS, or any other app using the Magical auto form filler.
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Finish forms in 1-click

Traditional auto form fillers can only autocomplete your personal information. Magical uses AI to fill out alllllllll the other form fields, like “Customer Name” or “Ticket Number.”

Never make another data entry oopsie

Ever accidentally copy and paste the wrong info into a form or make a spelling mistake? Magical autofills directly from the source, keeping you 100% error-free.

Start autocompleting in seconds

No need for a six-hour tutorial video to get started. Magical is easy to use and requires zero set-up. It simply pulls info from your open tabs into relevant forms like magic.

An auto form filler for your CRM

Adding a new contact into your CRM has never been easier. Simply pull up their profile in one tab, and watch as it autofills into a platform like Salesforce or HubSpot.
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An auto form filler for your ATS

Keeping track of employee and job candidate info can be a major slog. (So much copying and pasting…) With Magical, you can use the auto form filler to update your HR platform in 2 seconds.
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An auto form filler for any work form or database

Every company has some weird internal form that was set up by an IT person like 5 years ago. What is it built on? How does it work? Nobody knows. And honestly, it doesn’t matter—because Magical can autofill these bizarro forms too.
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How do I auto fill out a form with Magical?

With Magical, you can autofill with zero technical skills or training required. You'd expect a painful set-up process, but nah, we've got better things to do. So, once you have the free Chrome extension installed, Magical works like this: 

You’ve got a form on one tab and all the necessary info on another one. Maybe it’s a customer’s profile, info from an email, or some kind of internal database. When you go to fill out your form, you’ll notice a little Magical autofill box appears. Hit ‘Fill Form’ like a boss. *POOF!* All the info magically appears in the form fields. That's it. Yes, it really is that easy. No mouse scrolls, no back-breaking copy-pasting, just one single click.

What is autofill form data?

An auto form filler is a software tool, often a browser extension, that automatically enters data into online forms when prompted. You might wonder why such a software tool is necessary. Think about the last time you tried to purchase something online, or maybe when you had to register for a new service. Filling in your name, address, email, phone number—it's repetitive and time-consuming. Now multiply those minutes over the weeks and months, and imagine if it was part of your daily job. An auto form filler silently steps in, saving those precious minutes, the keystrokes, and, let's face it—your sanity.

Some auto form fillers store personal data like your name, address, phone number, and even credit card information (secured and encrypted, of course). Each time an online form field asks for this information, the auto form filler springs into action, filling each field with the correct information. But Magical is a bit different in that it doesn’t store any of your personal information, but instead pulls information directly from the source and auto fills it into a form.

How does autofill work using Magical?

While most auto form fillers simply replicate your personal information like name, address, and credit card details, Magical levitates miles above the competition. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and Open AI tools like GPT4 to fill not just your personal details, but also all those other pesky form fields. Think “Customer Name,” "Invoice Number," or that dreaded "Ticket Number."

Entering a new lead into your CRM? Autofill. Adding a customer’s information into your product tracking system? Autofill. With the backing of artificial intelligence, the Magical auto form filler can preemptively identify the type of data required and fill it with precision from stored or open source data.
I love Magical. It's really helped me speed up my personalized outreach messages and has made me a top performer at my company. I've received a lot of recognition internally and I have Magical to thank for that.
Cheyenne B.
SDR at Xactly
Magical has improved the efficiency of our day-to-day communication and keeps our Sales team aligned on our external communication. You will be impressed how much time you will save by cutting out all the erroneous copy-paste activities and replacing it with an easy-to-remember Shortcut, all care of Magical.
Mohamed A.
Business Development Representative at Uber
Magical has made my job significantly easier. As a recruiter, I use it daily in communications with candidates, hiring teams, and even within our ATS. Seriously, this is a MUST HAVE for any recruiter's toolkit.
Stephanie R.
Recruiter at Salesforce

Frequently asked questions

How do I edit my autofill information?

If you want to edit your autofill information in Magical, all you need to do is navigate to the source page where you’re pulling the information from. Click on the Magical extension to open the side panel, and you’ll see two tabs at the top. Click on the “Transfers” tab to see all of the different pieces of info Magical has detected on the page.

You can edit this information by clicking the “Add More” button at the bottom.
From here, it’s as simple as pointing and clicking on which pieces you want to pull into your form and how you want to label them. Don’t worry, either—Magical is smart and will remember which info is important to you. Do this once on a website source, and Magical will remember for next time so you don’t have to.

How do I reset autofill?

You may want to completely wipe your autofill information and start over. No worries! You can do this really simply by navigating to the source page, clicking the Magical extension, and navigating to the “Transfers” tab. From here, you’ll see a list of all the elements Magical has identified on the page.

If you’re in a hurry, you can click the “Add more” button at the bottom and click “Delete all labels” to start fresh. This will in essence reset your autofill for this particular source, so you can remap each element from the beginning.

How do I get an auto text expander?

To get started with Magical, head to the Chrome extension store, search for Magical, and hit “Add to Chrome.” Our user-friendly onboarding will walk you through common templates, as well as how to create and insert your own templates.

How do I get autofill on Google Chrome?

To get started with Magical, head to the Chrome extension store, search for Magical, and hit “Add to Chrome.” You’ll get started with step-by-step instructions on how to autofill whatever information is most important to you.

Where is autofill information saved?

Unlike other auto form fillers which store information in your browser or in the cloud, Magical doesn’t store any of the actual information you’re autofilling. It moves the information directly from the source (whether that’s a customer profile, or an internal database) into the form itself. We do not host, track, or save any of that information. For more details, please check out our post in the Magical community about how we keep your data safe.

How do I get rid of a wrong autofill?

With Magical, it’s easy to get rid of an autofill that’s gone wrong. On the page where you’re sourcing the autofill information, click on the Magical extension. Click onto the “Transfers” tab and you’ll see a list of all the identified elements on the page. Click on the three dots next to any of these items, and you’ll be able to “Rename” them or “Delete” them entirely. 

How do I autofill forms?

To autofill forms with your own personal information, you can use the built-in Chrome autofill features. Once you fill out a form for the first time, the browser will ask whether you’d like to save the information for future use. If you agree to this, then the next time you hit a similar form online you’ll be able to autofill it using the same information.

To autofill forms or spreadsheets with other information you find online, you can use the Magical app. Simply open the information in one tab and your form or spreadsheet in the other. Then, click the Magical icon on your browser to start autofilling the data.

Why should you not use traditional autofill?

While we're massive fans of autofill here at Magical (the clues in our name), we're also realists and we get that it's not a one-size-fits-all game. Some folks might feel a tad uncomfortable with their sensitive info being stored in their browser. (This is a good reason not to use Google autofill, but Magical autofill actually doesn’t store any info in your browser so we’re all good here.) 

There's also the fact that autofill can occasionally mix up the fields and fill in the wrong information. Plus, there's the autoFOOL (see what we did there) tool, a sketchy cousin of autofill, which sometimes autofills malicious hidden fields without you even knowing. But let's be clear, we're speaking generally here. With Magical, you can feel snug as a bug knowing we've thoroughly debugged these issues.

What is the difference between autofill and autocomplete?

Autofill and autocomplete are like twins – similar, but with distinct personalities. Autocomplete is like the underachieving twin. When you start typing in a form, autocomplete makes educated suggestions based on the first few characters. Handy, yes, but not exactly magical.

Autofill, the high-achiever, is a bit more sophisticated. It doesn’t just predict—it fills out entire forms with just a click, saving you from the tedium of retyping info. Autofill has got your back, whether it's your name, address, or even credit card number.

How is Magical different from autofill with Google?

Google's autofill is like your reliable family car – it does a decent job of getting you from A to B. But hopping onto Magical? Well, that's like stepping into a self-driving electric supercar. Google's autofill could handle your personal data like names, addresses, and payment details, while Magical, with the power of AI, goes the extra mile. How? By filling out all the other form fields that Google overlooks, like contextual data or information from another open tab. It's a bit like having a mind-reading assistant who knows precisely what you need.

Why is autofill good?

Imagine if you had to write your full address every time someone asked for it. Tedious, right? That’s why autofill is so darn good. It saves you time, keeps your sanity intact, and prevents musculoskeletal injury from too much typing (okay, we might be stretching it a bit there). Plus, it reduces human error in data entry. So, you can focus your attention on tasks that really matter, and not some mind-numbing form. This is especially useful if you have to fill out forms as part of your job. (Which almost all of us do…)

Is Magical auto form filler data secure?

Absolutely, and we say this without the tiniest shred of doubt. Our local and no-code approach to automation helps us maintain the highest levels of security and privacy for you and your team. 

With Magical, keystrokes on websites never leave a user's computer. The expansion of templates occurs locally on a user's computer, without communication with Magical. You can test this by expanding templates while your computer is offline. Data you explicitly submit to Magical may be transmitted or stored in order to provide Magical features and services. You can learn more about our security and privacy here, if you’re interested.

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