The fastest way to connect apps that don't integrate

Magical’s no-code solution allows teams to connect and move information between any app—internal apps, home-grown tools, back-end systems—without expensive integrations or APIs.

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Disparate apps =
Disrupted productivity

Companies across every industry, Healthcare, Finance, Logistics, and more, are overwhelmed with manual, repetitive work. Workers spend 30% their time manual tasks: manual data entry, typing, copy-paste, and reporting. Why?

Each worker has too many apps causing constant context switching.

Each task involves too many systems that can’t be integrated.

RPA tools sought out to solve this problem but they have limitations.


These tedious tasks lead to massive productivity gaps, errors, burnout and lost revenue.

How Magical works

Ambient learning

Magical uses machine learning and AI to understand user activity, an individual’s or an entire company’s, and creates one-click automations to help the user complete the task in the future.

Self-serve automation

Users can easily create one-click automations between any app—no code required. No more switching between all your tabs and boring repetitive work, we’ll do them for you.

Built for enterprise scale

Our local and no-code approach to automation helps maintain the highest levels of security and privacy for you and your team.

Secure | SAML SSO | SOC2 Type II | AI Controls

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Designed to automate any workflow


Patient operations
Admin tasks
Clinical processes


Customer onboarding
Transactional processing
Financial reporting


Order processing
Warehouse management
Delivery management


E-commerce operations
Customer service
Inventory management
and more...

Magical in action

Saving time at Deel

Deel uses Magical to streamline the process of onboarding new employees and contractors.

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Simplifying logistics at DHL

DHL uses Magical to move shipping data between apps and automate logistics.

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