See Why a Customer Service Team at DHL Calls Magical “Life-Changing”

Yanavuth Suos

Customer Claims Department Team Leader


DHL is the global leader in the logistics industry. The company specializes in international shipping, courier services, and transportation.

100+ Teammates

Using Magical to offer better customer service

8,100+ Hours

Saved by coworkers using Magical as a team

80+ Chats Per Day

Taken on by employees with the help of Magical

Tracking lost or delayed packages for customers can be tough work, even for a team of professionals. 📦😫 Especially when you’re handling hundreds of conversations each day…

When you work for one of the largest shipping and transportation companies in the world, you’re bound to have a high volume of customer service conversations. How high does that volume go? For the team at DHL, each employee typically takes somewhere between 50-100 conversations a day. (If that sounds like a lot, it’s because that is a lot.)

As Yanavuth S., Customer Claims Department Team Leader describes, operating at this level of customer service can take a toll on employees:

Having to type out the same things every day can be tough. We have employees of all ages here. So getting them to sit in front of a computer screen and type out the same messages every day all day can cause tiredness, and increase mistakes.

One of these employees: Samia S., Digital Customer Care Department Advisor. Samia is one of the top performing members of the team. She’s quick to respond to support requests and thorough with her answers. (And yep, that can be as exhausting as it sounds.) She says that she’s regularly fielding emails, live chats, and social media conversations throughout the day—often juggling two or more chats at the same time.

You have the same sentences you use all the time. ‘Hello. How can I help you?’ All of these little sentences are always the same. I used to copy and paste the sentences from a template created by our supervisor. Other times, I’d just write them out myself.

Nicolas O. is the Digital Customer Care Department Team Leader who works directly with Samia. He says that because the conversations his team was having with customers were so repetitive, it often felt draining for employees. (And took up a lot of their time unnecessarily.)

Most of the requests of our customers are always the same. So when you always type the same sentences, it can be boring for the employee. But it can also cost a lot of time.

Yanavuth is pretty good with technology, so he knew that there might be a tool out there to help make this easier for everyone. But in order for folks on the team to actually use the software, it would have to be dead simple to use.

Our goal is to reduce the number of clicks we need when we’re using tools. But at the same time, most employees don’t really want to learn anything that seems too complicated. The simpler it is, the better.

The team at DHL discovered Magical. 🪄 Suddenly, they had a simple way to not only message customers faster—but also pull shipping data between tabs to estimate when packages would be delivered in half the time.

It didn’t take long for Yanavuth to discover Magical. At first, he was skeptical: could a simple Chrome extension really solve all these problems for his team? But when he tried out the app for himself, it didn’t take long for him to realize that this was exactly the tool they had been searching for.

When I presented Magical to the team, they were so relieved. They were back in a good mood because they knew this tool existed to make their work easier.

What the team at DHL really liked about Magical was that they could use it anywhere. Wherever and whenever they were having conversations with a customer, the Magical message templates were just a click away. (No more copying and pasting the same answer out again and again.)

And because they were set up as a team with a shared workspace, employees could even share shortcuts with each other to make sure they all had the best answers to common customer questions at their fingertips. Nicolas says it didn’t take long before they were using Magical for nearly every single customer interaction.

We reply to our customers on email, on live chat, and on social networks. We now use Magical for all of these things, every day, across every application.

But that’s not the only way their team is saving time using Magical. Yanavuth also discovered he could use the app to easily transfer data between two of DHL’s internal customer service tools, in order to look up estimated parcel delivery dates faster. This was a game-changer because once he set it up for his team as a shared transfer, everyone could use the same workflow—instantly.

What used to take 1-2 minutes (and a lot of tab-switching) could now be done practically in an instant with Magical:

We have this internal tool which allows us to get an estimated time for a shipment. To use it, we need to input the country, city code, city name, and so on from our customer service tool. So I created a transfer using Magical that takes this information and enters it in the form automatically. This earns us a lot of time on our team. It’s a definite improvement.

Thanks to Magical, the team at DHL is now able to answer more customer questions in less time. 😲 Even better—everyone is happier and more engaged at work too.

Nicolas says the team wouldn’t want to go back to the way things were before using Magical. The app has improved their overall quality of life at work and made things undeniably better for each employee. (Plus, their overall stats have improved too.) As a Team Leader, he says it is amazing that a free app could make such a huge impact.

Since using Magical, we haven’t had anyone complaining about tiredness. They’re not typing as much in the day. It’s been really good to bring this to the team.”

Samia agrees, and says she now uses Magical to chat with customers every single day at work. And whenever she looks at how much time she has saved using the app, she’s in awe of how quickly the number keeps growing.

I’ve saved 195 hours of time using Magical so far, about four hours per day. I use it to answer more chats with customers and respond more quickly on social media. It’s a way for us to win back so much time.

As for Yanavuth? He’s just happy he’s been able to make things better for his coworkers. (And this is why everyone needs a coworker like Yanavuth. 💚) Between being able to message customers more quickly, share templates between teams, and set up transfers so everyone can look up shipping information faster—Magical has certainly lived up to its name.

You have to be quick at handling a claim in customer service. Teaching the rest of the team a time-saving trick like this, because they do it so much every single day… It really has been life-changing for employees.


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