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Answer support tickets and make more customers happy. (Without sounding like a robot.) Use Magical to personalize your message templates in an instant.
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Don’t let your canned customer responses
get stale

Customers can smell when you use the no-name macros sitting on the shelf. Generic message templates? That’s a recipe for poor customer service and wasted time.

“With Magical, there’s a much better chance of me getting through my tasks. It cuts down on the stress you experience.

See How Emily Saves 2+ Hours a Week
Emily Stewart
Customer Success Expert

Personalize messages in an instant

Automatically populate your messages with customer details (like their name or ticket number). Magical eliminates the need for exhausting copy-and-paste between tabs.

Answer more support tickets

Call up shortcuts to any message template without your fingers ever leaving the keyboard.
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Stay on-message across every app

Your customer support doesn’t live on one channel, and neither does Magical. Use the same message templates and shortcuts wherever you need them—Zendesk, Twitter, Drift, wherever!

Who needs integrations?
Magical works wherever you work.

Supercharge your productivity on 10,000,000+ sites, like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Twitter, or any other website.

Because even support teams need support

Not every team member has the answer to every customer query. With Magical, you can share your templates as a team—so even the newbie who onboarded yesterday can jump in.
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“Magical helps us save a ton of time... It’s been helpful not just for me—but for our entire team.

Emely Leal
Bilingual Account Coordinator
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Frequently asked questions

Is Magical a type of customer support automation software?

Magical is a type of customer support automation software that helps customer support experts automate repetitive tasks in their everyday workflows. Specifically, it can help you automate your responses to frequently asked questions and parts of conversations that you normally would need to type out by hand or copy and paste.

How do you set up Magical for customer support?

Magical just works, with no integrations required for your favorite CRM or customer support tools. You can download the 100% free Chrome extension by visiting the Chrome web store. Within minutes, you’ll be able to set up some simple customer support automations and save your most-frequently used templates within the app. No technical expertise, coding skills, or magic wands required.

What should a customer support person automate first using Magical?

The first thing most customer support experts automate using Magical is having to type out their most common conversation with customers. Depending on your business, this might be a common question you get about your product, a response to a billing question, or a step-by-step guide to help them troubleshoot something. You might already have these set up as a macro within a customer support platform (such as Zendesk)—but Magical makes it easier to customize, edit, share, and call up your templates anywhere in a web browser. In Magical, these are called shortcuts. And not only do they let you use rich media and formatting, they also come equipped with variables so you can instantly personalize your templates with details like the first name of the customer you’re messaging or their ticket number.

Does Magical work with my existing customer support tools?

Magical is an ambient automation app, which means it works alongside all other customer service tools you can open in a Chrome browser window. This includes popular apps such as Gmail, Zendesk, Intercom, Freshdesk, Help Scout, Jira, LiveChat, Sprout Social, HubSpot, Hootsuite, Desk.com, and more. Not only can you use Magical within each of these different customer service tools, you can also use it to automatically transfer data (like customer details) between them.

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