How the Deel Sales Team Uses Magical to Close More Deals

Elihu Salas

Immigration Consultant


Deel is a global hiring, payroll, and HR platform used by over 20,000 businesses worldwide. It streamlines the process of onboarding new employees and contractors from anywhere internationally.

10-15 Hours

Average time saved per week by Elihu Salas

100+ Magicians

Making repetitive tasks disappear at Deel

380+ Tasks

Average automated monthly per employee

If there are two things you can count on in any sales job, it’s the following: 1) You’re going to have to work hard to earn your commission. 2) You’re going to have a lot of the same conversations over and over again. (Huh. Maybe those two things are related?)

This isn’t something that necessarily bothers Elihu Salas, Immigration Consultant at Deel. But it is something that Elihu experiences on a near daily basis when he’s helping to promote Deel’s immigration services. People always ask him the same types of questions: “How does this visa work? Which one should I choose? How long does it take?” 

And while Elihu says the conversations can feel repetitive after a little while—he also gets a lot of satisfaction out of letting people know about all the ways they can help.

“I usually reach out and say: ‘Hey, I noticed that you may need help with immigration. We offer these services at Deel, is there something that we can help you with?’ It's very rewarding because these people that we're reaching out to, they need this type of help … they just don't know that we offer it.”

To be successful at his job, Elihu is expected to bring in 10-15 new immigration service customers per month, qualify them, and get them ready to start using some Deel. But in order to do that, he needs to have hundreds of these types of conversations every single month. (Which is where copy and paste comes in handy.)

“I used to use the copy and paste method. I would have a draft somewhere with common questions and answers, and then just copy and paste it. But l have to know where that draft is, which document to pull, and where I placed the right template within that doc. And then you have to personalize it.”

Unfortunately, this method was slowing down the entire sales process for Elihu. Every time someone asked him a question, he would have to find the right answer in one of his docs, copy it, paste it into the email or the message box, and then personalize it for the potential customer. Minutes of wasted time would add up to hours by the end of the week, which felt like—well, a waste to Elihu.

With the Magical, Elihu could save his best responses as templates, call ‘em up anywhere in his Chrome browser, and personalize them in an instant. Suddenly, he found messaging with prospective customers a whole lot easier. (And more importantly—faster.)

Elihu first heard about the Magical AI Copilot for Sales from one of his coworkers during onboarding. It was a bit of an open secret that many of the top customer service and sales teams at Deel were using the free Chrome extension to speed up their productivity.

“In my head, I was thinking there has to be a more efficient way of doing this besides a copy and paste. And one of the guys that I started with at Deel asked me if I had ever heard of Magical. He showed me how he used it. And immediately, I was like: ‘This is gold, man.”

It didn’t take Elihu long to set up his templates in Magical and start using them in conversations. While it used to take him around 2-5 minutes to type out a response to a conversation, Elihu says that with the new templates in Magical he was able to accomplish the same task in under 15 seconds.

“I use it every day because I'm constantly talking to people. First, I try to understand what the person's asking me, and then I just hit the right trigger using Magical so I can answer them. So I’m using this app on a weekly basis—no, actually, more like a daily basis. OK, it’s more like an hourly basis.”

After using Magical daily for a few weeks, Elihu had an “aha!” moment. He had been mainly using Magical for help with messaging in his emails. But on this particular day, he thought he would try it in another place where he had conversations with prospects: LinkedIn.

“I wasn't sure if Magical was going to work on LinkedIn, I was using it primarily in my email, and it works great there. But the first time that somebody reached out to me during LinkedIn, I was like: ‘Well, let me try it.’ So I just clicked the trigger there and I got so excited at what happened next.”

Not only did the template work in LinkedIn, but Elihu also noticed that Magical helped him automatically personalize the message with the name of the person from their LinkedIn profile. (Perfect spelling too—one less thing to worry about!) And he wasn’t the only one at Deel making this discovery… Employees and teams across Deel had started to use Magical to transfer and autofill info between over 120 different internal tools and websites.

Elihu had discovered a new superpower to make him more efficient at his job. And word had gotten out to the rest of the sales team, too—now, everyone from account executives to senior sales directors were using Magical to up their productivity.

It can be competitive in a sales position, with a lot of pressure to perform. Elihu says that having an app like Magical legitimately feels like having a superpower at his desk. It gives him the edge he needs to be successful at his job.

“I’m a psychology major. And I remember reading an article that explained the quicker you respond to someone in a conversation, the more likely they are to be engaged. That always stuck with me. So the reason why I find Magical so useful, at least in my line of work, is because it helps me give you a good answer as quickly as possible. I don’t want to leave an email unresponded until the end of the day.”

Other members of the sales team feel the same, taking to social platforms like LinkedIn to express their love for Magical. (We 💚 you right back, Deel team.)

As for Elihu? Even he can’t believe how much time Magical helps to save him on a weekly basis. The more efficient he becomes, the more sales he brings in for Deel. (And of course, the more commission he earns.) That’s why he’s so happy to recommend the app to his friends and coworkers in sales.

“I save 10-15 hours a week using Magical. But even if it was only an hour or two—that’s one or two hours that you could be using for something else instead of looking for drafts, filling out forms, or typing things out. That’s why I personally think Magical is one of the best apps out there for productivity and efficiency.”


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