See How Freshworks Increased Sales by Up to 10% Using Magical

Lee Marcus

Mid-Markets Account Executive


Freshworks offers a suite of tech tools for businesses to enable better customer experiences and employee experiences—including Freshdesk, Freshsales, and Freshmarketer.

7+ Sales Pros

Using Magical to speed up team admin processes

30+ Minutes Per Day

Saved using Magical shortcuts and transfers

70% WFH Team

Looking for opportunities to improve collaboration

So much of sales success is built on your ability to be consistent. The more calls you make, the more emails you send—the more money you make. 💰 So any tool that can increase your efficiency by 5-10%? That could mean big money.

This is one of the main reasons why Lee Marcus, Mid-Markets Account Executive at Freshworks, is always looking to improve his efficiency at work. His exact words: “Repetitive tasks are the things that computers were made to take care of for me.” (Preach. 👏) So whenever he’s not working on something that will directly impact his sales numbers? Lee finds himself questioning… Is there an easier or faster way to do this?

When I look at my time, I like to divide things: am I doing something that makes me successful or am I doing one of those things that you just have to do in your job? If it’s something I just have to do, then I want to get through that as quickly and efficiently as possible without cutting corners.

The thing is: there are hundreds of repetitive tasks for salespeople like Lee. Of course there’s the repetitive messaging and constant scheduling of demos and phone calls—but on top of that, there’s also all the admin work that goes along with keeping your CRM up-to-date.

Our sales system can be a little finicky when it comes to tagging. You go to tag a customer within our CRM software, and if I type the tag slightly wrong, it just creates a new tag. That will just make your life miserable when you're trying to identify things later.

All the time Lee spends fiddling in the CRM is time he’s not spending with prospective customers. The same is true for repetitive messaging… Lee has lost count of how many times he’s typed out a simple sales message, such as: “Just following up!” All he wanted was a simple way to automate these types of messages, without making them overly generic.

We really wanna customize emails with our customers, right? We don't want things to be too formulaic or impersonal. But there are some messages that are really pretty consistent in the content they include.

In sales, you gotta strike the right balance between volume (how many conversations you have) and quality (how much time you spend on each conversation). Tip too far in one direction, and you’ll lose out on the other. Thankfully, Lee discovered a tool that would help him accelerate on both counts—while staying perfectly balanced at the same time.

Lee uses Magical to update his CRM faster, personalize his messages to customers, and get into a more efficient flow as he works throughout the day. 🏄‍♂️ And the rest of the sales team isn’t far behind…

When he discovered the Magical app, Lee said he knew it could help not just him, but the entire sales team at Freshworks. The first use he found for it was a simple one—adding tags into the CRM. Rather than have to type out the same tags every time someone created a new account, Lee set it up in Magical so you could just type in a one-letter shortcut that would auto-expand into the proper tag. (No more typos!)

One of the first uses I found was simply copying and pasting the different CRM tags into Magical and then creating a one letter shortcut for each one. That way, when I go to tag something—I know I get that tag 100% every time.

Brilliant! But where Lee really started to see some efficiency gains was when he set up text expansion shortcuts for his common sales messages. He started using Magical variables to automatically personalize each message with specific customer contact info. With the time Lee saves copying and pasting, he’s able to further customize each message for each individual.

There's a trend in sales that says: the more customized your messages are to customers, the better. And it might seem like Magical flies in the face of that, right? But it’s actually the opposite: Magical fills in the pieces I was going to write anyway, so I can focus on personalizing the rest of the message.

One thing Lee says he really appreciates about Magical? It’s the fact that he can use it anywhere within his web browser, and it always works exactly the same way. Once someone on the team learns it once—they’re good to go.

You can use it in your CRM, you can use it in your Gmail, you can use it in whatever you want. With Magical, you learn one system and it becomes ingrained in the lizard side of your brain that you can use across platforms. That’s so helpful.

As for the rest of the sales team? Lee says that Magical has helped enable them to share best practices in a way that most other productivity tools don’t. This is especially helpful for a hybrid team like theirs at Freshworks, where the sales team is 70% remote.

Sharing best practices makes everybody better. What’s cool about Magical is that if I have a really good email template, I can just put it in there and instantly share it with everyone.

Now, the team at Freshworks is using Magical to supercharge their productivity. ⚡️ That means less time spent on admin work, and more time closing sales.

When it comes to saving time, Lee says that Magical has been a game-changer for the sales team. At a minimum, he says he saves 30 minutes per day using the app. (And that’s a minimum!) Some days, he’s saving multiple hours in a single day.

Magical has saved me an unbelievable amount of time. I can write a customized email in 10 seconds. That enables me to spend my time in my job doing the things that actually make me successful—rather than the repetitive things that just have to be done.

And because they’re set up as a team on Magical, Lee says they’ve also been able to use it as a tool for collaboration, as well. When someone on the team has a great email template or an automation they want to share with everyone else, they can easily do so in the app with just a simple click.

As an example, today I have to send an email to a potential customer. My boss said: ‘I have a really great email that we sent another customer. Try this.’ And I said: ‘Oh, I can turn this into a Magical shortcut.’ It’s a way to put a best practice into place and cement it so other people on my team can use it too.

On a personal level, Lee says Magical helps him get 5-10% more done on any given work day. Yes, that means he’s earning 5-10% more sales on some days—but it also means he gets to spend 5-10% more time with his kids at the end of other days. And that’s something Lee says you really can’t put a price tag on.

Without Magical, I would be less efficient. I would be less productive. Once you start using a tool like this that’s so genuinely useful, giving it up would be like… It’d be like giving up your iPhone, right? None of us are going back to a flip phone for a reason.


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