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Writing emails the old-school way can be time-consuming and prone to embarrassing errors. (Hi #FNAME! 😬) Draft new emails 10x faster and respond to messages with one click using the Magical AI email writer.
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Experience the bliss of a clean inbox

Have you ever felt the warm embrace of 0 new messages in your inbox? Magical can write and respond to every email, so you don’t have to. (Your wrists will thank you!)

Not an English major? Not a problem.

Stop worrying about run-on sentences or typos in your messages. Magical always drafts emails with perfect spelling and grammar based on your conversations.

Generate great emails right out of the box

Just describe what you want the email to say, and Magical will write it for you in any language you want. No learning curve or AI training—it just works like magic.

Draft new emails

No more writer’s block. In just a few seconds, Magical can help you draft the perfect email for any situation—from sales outreach, to asking your boss for time off so you can attend your nephew’s lizard’s wedding.
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Respond to emails with one click

Keep your inbox squeaky clean by responding to emails with just one click—no prompt necessary. Use AI Reply to generate a response to any message based on the conversation. (Y’know, so you can sound like you care.)
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Save your best emails as Magical templates

Find yourself sending the same type of email over and over again? Save your sanity and instead use Magical to save your team’s favorite messages as templates. You can call ‘em up anywhere and instantly personalize the details.
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What is an AI email writer?

Remember those sci-fi movies where the main characters ask their home computer to write an email for them, and it instantly blorbs out an entirely composed message? Well, welcome to the future, my friend, ‘cause that sci-fi stuff is now real.

An AI (Artificial Intelligence) email writer, like Magical, is essentially a super-smart tool that helps you write emails faster. (Faster than you can say "OMG, why do I have so many unopened emails?!") It's a blend of technology and wordsmithery that takes the drudgery and dread out of typing up responses, inquiries, follow-ups, and all the other joyous types of emails out there.

Here's how it goes: You install an AI email writing tool on your device, and it starts learning from your style of writing, over time becoming freakishly accurate at predicting how you would write an email. So when you start an email, your AI buddy cues up with suggestions for completing your sentences, framing your responses, or even putting together entire paragraphs based on what you've written in the past.  

So, if you often find yourself spending way too much time crafting emails (cue slow-motion montage of tear-soaked keyboards and dramatic sighs echoed through your office), an AI email writer might just be the godsend you need. With Magical, you can generate entire emails, responses, and messages on sites like LinkedIn that magically reference the context of the previous conversation or the person’s profile that you’re speaking to. Neat!

How does AI generate emails?

Here's how it works: AI tools like Magical leverage machine learning, which is just a fancy way of saying they learn from how millions of other people have written emails on similar topics in the past. They then use this knowledge to whip up draft emails for you, as if by magic. But trust us, there's no rabbit or top hat involved—just smart and efficient technology.

Imagine this. You're grappling with your 50th email of the day, your coffee's cold, and you can barely remember your own name, let alone compose a coherent email. Just when you're ready to wave the white flag, the AI swoops in, generating a ready-to-go response that sounds just like you, minus the exhaustion. You just review, refine if needed, and hit send. Wham bam thank you, AI!

Magical is powered by the same technology as ChatGPT, meaning you’ll be using some of the most advanced AI capabilities on the market today to write your emails for you. Our hope is that it’ll make your life just a little bit easier in the process. It's like having a tireless, always-on-point version of yourself as backup, ready to step up when your brain decides to take a breather.

How do I get AI to write an email?

Whether you’re looking for an email writer for personal use or to become more productive in a professional setting, Magical has you covered. You can download the free Google Chrome extension and start getting AI to write your messages and emails in a matter of seconds. (Oh, and it’s available 100% for free on Windows and Mac and works across every email platform.)

You can draft new emails using AI by simply typing “//” and telling Magical what you want to write the email about. Remember to be specific in your prompt and include any details you think will be important—like a product name, or the tone of the email. Hit the enter button, and Magical will generate a draft for you right in your email compose box.

For replies to previous email threads, simply hit the “Quick Reply” buttons at the bottom of the email. These typically give you options like: “Yes,” “No,” and “Custom…” Hit the yes button, for example, and you’ll generate an email that responds in a positive way to whatever it is someone is asking you. It’s that simple!

Oh, and remember that Magical can write more than just emails for you. Use the same techniques to respond to customers on platforms like Zendesk, add notes into Salesforce, message leads on platforms like LinkedIn, and respond to DMs on platforms like Slack. Magical works everywhere online—that’s part of what makes it so dang “magical.”
I love Magical. It's really helped me speed up my personalized outreach messages and has made me a top performer at my company. I've received a lot of recognition internally and I have Magical to thank for that.
Cheyenne B.
SDR at Xactly
Magical has improved the efficiency of our day-to-day communication and keeps our Sales team aligned on our external communication. You will be impressed how much time you will save by cutting out all the erroneous copy-paste activities and replacing it with an easy-to-remember Shortcut, all care of Magical.
Mohamed A.
Business Development Representative at Uber
Magical has made my job significantly easier. As a recruiter, I use it daily in communications with candidates, hiring teams, and even within our ATS. Seriously, this is a MUST HAVE for any recruiter's toolkit.
Stephanie R.
Recruiter at Salesforce

Frequently asked questions

Can people tell my emails were written by AI?

Not likely! Magical uses the latest GPT3.5 and GPT4 technology from Open AI to make sure your emails sound remarkably human-sounding. Even better? Magical can see the emails you’re responding to and reference previous topics, conversations, or messages so you always sound like you’re talking specifically to that person. (And not using some generic AI email generator.)

The Magical AI email writer keeps things professional but conversational. You’re not going to sound like some stuffy professor who pops semicolons and thesaurus-words into every other sentence. You’re going to sound like an ordinary person.

Oh, and did we mention that you can always polish the draft written by AI before you hit send? This way, you can always ensure you add that little bit of human touch so nobody is any wiser. (Not even your boss.)

Can AI write emails for you?

AI can indeed write emails for you. Artificial intelligence and large language models (LLM) can scrutinize patterns in the way humans type and learn from them, making it a superb tool for all sorts of tasks—email writing included.

Many of us are stuck in the quicksand of inbox overload, struggling to climb out as more emails pour in. Enter AI. With artificial intelligence by your side, you can produce emails in a snap. No, it won't be a mish-mash of robotic sounding words either. We're talking about AI that can write professional, fluent, or even playful emails. Think less Terminator and more your reliable office assistant who helps you get through a ton of your inbox—without the melodrama.

Apps and tools like Magical leverage AI technology to predict what you would say next. It's like your digital doppelgänger, writing emails in a way that feels authentically you. But remember to maintain your human touch—review those emails before you hit send, and add your personal flair to make them as good as possible.

Will AI send emails without me approving?

The thought of waking up, sipping your morning coffee, only to find AI has sent off an email to your boss at 2 am about Bob's poor choice in ties, is nothing short of nightmarish, isn't it? 

But fear not. No, Magical AI won’t send emails without your approval. AI is like a well-trained golden retriever. It does sit and stay when you command. It’s here to help you, not stage a coup on your outbox. With Magical, you review and approve all emails before they're sent off. Hit a button for a “Quick Reply” in Magical, and it’ll draft the response—but you’ll always have a chance to make sure everything's in order before you hit “Send.”

How do I get an AI email generator?

To get started with Magical, head to the Chrome extension store, search for Magical, and hit “Add to Chrome.” Our user-friendly onboarding will walk you through how to start using AI to generate your emails.

How do I generate emails in Gmail?

Once you have installed the Magical Chrome extension, simply head on over to your Gmail inbox. From here, you can activate Magical by typing “//” into a new email message body. Then just select the option: “Write with AI Assist…” to draft your new emails. To respond to an email using AI, simply click on the “Quick Reply” buttons at the bottom of any email, and Magical will get to work.

What is the best free AI email writer?

To choose the best AI email writer, you should consider the following: What type of information do I usually send? Am I going to be using a single device, or will I need to write emails across multiple different operating systems or mobile devices? Do I need to only write emails in one particular tone of voice, or would I get value out of an overall professional AI email writer?

Before paying for an AI email writer, we highly recommend trying some of the free options available. For example, you can install Magical in under five minutes and evaluate whether or not it has the right email writing and generation features for you.

Where are my email writer settings?

Every email writer has a different place for settings. If you’ve installed Magical, you can find the settings by clicking the green icon and then the “Home” button to see your workspace.

How do I respond to emails faster?

Once you've downloaded your AI email assistant (and trust us, it's easier than installing a new toaster), run it through a few rounds of email drafting. Get to know how much detail you need to include in your prompts and what generates the best results for your emails. 

After this initial get-to-know-you phase, the Magical AI assistant begins to predict what you might write next. It's not magic, although it feels like it; it's just machine learning doing its thing. People who use AI email writers like Magical send emails over 20% faster—making it easy to keep your inbox clean when you combine it with the right productivity habits.

What is an example of an email written by AI?

Here's a scenario: You've used the Magical AI to help compose a response to an inquiry about your company's new product features. Here's how the AI might assist:

Subject: Exploring [Product Name]'s Latest Features

Hey [Recipient's Name],

I wanted to give you an update on [Product Name]. Our new features include [brief introduction of the feature], which has been designed to turbocharge efficiency. Now you can [what it enables the user to do]. We also rolled out [second new feature] which we like to think of as a real game-changer, letting you [what the user can do now].

Would love to chat more about how these could benefit your particular needs. Let’s set up a call. What are you looking at over the next week for availability?

Looking forward to our conversation.
[Your Name]

That's it - short, powerful, and infused with a personality that matches yours. The AI through Magical picked up on what aspects you think are most important for the inquiry, and then suggested the above email.

How can I generate a free temporary email?

Looking for a different type of AI email generator? Here's the scoop: There are nifty websites and tools that serve this purpose. Think of them as pop-up email addresses—a place where you can grab an email address, use it for a hot minute, and then toss it like a used espresso cup. 

Sites like Temp Mail, Mailinator, or Guerrilla Mail offer a free service where you generate a random email address that stays active for a limited period. Brace yourself for some serious undercover operations, like registering for a one-time event or avoiding that dreaded newsletter from Aunt Sally's Etsy store.

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