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Demonstration of shortcuts. //brb-> be right back. //zoom-> zoom. //outreach -> Hi <Alex>, I'd like to learn about your experience at <Disney>.
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We saved 250,000 people 20 years of time just last week!
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Magical app UI illustration. Shows tags, and sharing with teammates.

Powerful features

to get work done, together

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Format your shortcuts with ease
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Share shortcuts with your team
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Tag shortcuts to quickly find them

Search your shortcuts

anywhere you work

Can't remember your shortcuts? No problem. Type // anywhere to get all your shortcuts at your fingertips.
Illustration of using search to find Magical shortcuts in any website's input.
Screenshot of Magical app expanding text in Gmail app.

Built with privacy

in mind

We take privacy seriously. Magical app does not collect or store your keystrokes. Get confidence and peace of mind when you use Magical app.

Works everywhere

you already work

Used on 10,000+ websites so you stay productive anywhere on the internet.
Magical works everywhere you work on the web like, Hubspot, Zendesk, Workday, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Outlook, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Salesloft, Google Sheets, Lever and more!

Save time with the Magical auto text expander app on Chrome

Start saving 2 hr/week with shortcuts that expand what you type. Get started in seconds.