See How Emily Saves 2+ Hours Per Week (Plus, Her Sanity) Helping Customers

Emily Stewart

Customer Success Expert


MobyMax is an edtech company that offers an all-in-one resource for school districts looking to close learning gaps among students, create informed teaching with formative assessments, and make classrooms more exciting.

30+ Minutes

Saved per day on average using Magical

20+ Shortcuts

Created to answer customer support queries faster

5,000+ Data Bits

Auto-transferred between tabs

Meet Emily. 👋 She helps teachers and principals set up and troubleshoot educational tech for better student learning. But that’s not always as easy as it sounds…

As anyone who has worked in an online customer service role knows—the job ain’t easy. You’re usually juggling a ton of incoming messages every single day from customers all over the map, as well as making sure new customers are having a smooth onboarding experience. This is exactly the case for Emily Stewart, Customer Success Expert at MobyMax

“MobyMax has a lot of components and features. For someone who is not super technologically savvy, it can be a little bit overwhelming. And so, I do a lot of support. At the beginning of the year, I get accounts set up and send emails to all the principals and teachers to let them know that I’m the point of contact for them if they have any questions.”

For Emily, this means a lot of fielding the same types of questions that tend to come in on a daily basis. “How does this feature work?” “What do I need to do in order to set up my student roster?” “Where do I find my password information?” Needless to say—she ends up typing out a lot of the same responses, over and over (and over) again. But that’s not the only part of her job that gets repetitive…

“At the beginning of the school year, one thing we have to do is “pick up” accounts in Salesforce. I have to note a lot of  information: the district type they have, when the order was created, when the order expires, the SKU number, the roster manager, etc. I need that information for the emails that I send.”

Doing that once doesn’t sound too bad. But what if you had to do that 100 times? What if you had to do that 100 times every single day? Emily says this is how what seems like a minor annoyance at first can turn into a major headache over the long-term.

“It’s a lot of switching tabs. ‘Okay. It's this date.’ Switch back to the tab, write the date. ‘Okay, expiration date. Let me double check that.’ Switch back to the other tab. Going back and forth like that is just annoyingly repetitive. You see that flash of information every time you open a tab—it’s visually overstimulating.”

Emily decided to try Magical. ✨ Now, her messages to customers practically write themselves. And all that data entry? Well, let’s just say it got a whole lot faster…

In one of her previous roles, Emily had used a simple text expander to make answering support queries easier. She might’ve tried going down that road again—were it not for one of her coworkers mentioning that she should really give Magical a try first.

“I didn't hear about Magical specifically until one of my coworkers actually recommended it. I had known a little bit about how text expanders work, so I started setting it up and exploring and figuring out all the cool things it can do.”

It didn’t take long for Emily to realize that Magical was much more powerful than any of the other apps she had used previously. She quickly started playing around with some of the features that even her colleagues and manager didn’t know about.

“At first I was using Magical purely as a text expander. I’d type the shortcut and it would pop out the phrases or sentences I needed. I still use that really often, to save time sending messages. But then I discovered variables and transfers and all their magical power.”

After a little bit of tinkering, Emily discovered that all the information she was used to having to pull from one tab to the other could be easily tracked within Magical as variables. All she had to do was map out that information once—and it would be saved forever. Now, she can type in a simple “//” and automatically fill in her customer account information wherever it needs to go.

“I can map those variables because the pages in Salesforce are set up very consistently. So when I need to transfer the account into Salesloft, I just type my shortcut and—boom. It’s pulled in all the dates I need, the SKU number … all of that information I used to have to try and hold in my head or copy and paste between tabs. It’s really helpful for both my flow and my sanity. It’s so much more organized now.”

Heading into a new school year, Emily says Magical is saving her life. (Her words—not ours!) She’s able to leave at the end of the day with her workload done, stress-free. And her colleagues are wondering how she does it…

Even at this point, Emily says she’s still just scratching the surface of what Magical can do for her in her role as a customer success expert. She’s eager to continue playing around with the app to see what else she can automate to save time.

“I've confirmed that Magical can work within some of the backend pages of MobyMax as well. So, for example, with just one click of the button, I’ll be able to pull 10 different numbers from that district’s data tab and put it in an email to send it on to the school administrator. Now that the school year is starting, and I’m going to be sending that information over and over again? Oh my gosh, that is going to save my life.”

Emily says using Magical gives her a greater sense of “peace of mind” within her role. Working in customer support can be one of the most stressful jobs within a company—and so she says she appreciates anything that can make her life even a little bit easier.

“You're trying to get all your emails answered before you leave for the day. You’re trying to get all of your tasks done. With Magical, I’m not spending all day with that worry in my head. There’s a much better chance of me getting through everything. It cuts down on the stress you experience.”

As for the rest of her team? Well, now Emily has a few magic tricks up her sleeve to share with them:

“I was on a call with my manager and some of my colleagues and I was like: ‘Hey, do you guys want to see something really cool?’ I showed Magical to them and they were blown away.”


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