Introducing text variables, the Magical panel, and magic packs 馃槏

December 16, 2021

Text variables

Save time copy-pasting data like [First Name], [Job Title], and [Company] in your shortcuts with text variables.

Text variables allows you to auto-add placeholders to your shortcuts, so all you need to do is key in the details on expansion. No more manually adding fill-in-the-blanks to your shortcuts and scrambling to type or copy the information to the correct spot. Text variables makes it super easy and dare I say, enjoyable, to customize your shortcuts on the go.

Magical panel

With the Magical panel, you can create and lookup your shortcuts anywhere on the web. Ever find yourself copying and pasting the same thing over and over again? Navigate to the Magical app even faster by clicking on the Magical icon in your browser window to summon the panel. Quickly add in new shortcuts or lookup your existing shortcuts.

Magic packs

Want to learn about how the pros use Magical? Get curated shortcut templates with magic packs. Whether you're a Customer Support professional looking for 聽best-in-class responses, or want all the best emojis at your fingertips, we got you covered. Add a magic pack to your workspace in less time than it takes to finish this sentence.