What are text variables?

Text variables tutorial

Use fill-in-the-blank text variables to create customized shortcut templates, with the ability to personalize key details at the time you expand.

Creating a text variable shortcut

  1. Create a new shortcut
  2. Select a text variable
  3. Click Save

Triggering a text variable shortcut

  1. Type // to select the shortcut or type the trigger
  2. Type in the text variable content
  3. Click Insert

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Creating a new text variable

  1. Create or edit a shortcut
  2. From the picker, click "Add new"
  3. Type a new label name or select from the dropdown
  4. Click to insert into the shortcut content
  5. Click Save

Sharing a text variable shortcut

  1. Navigate to the Workspace
  2. Select the text variable shortcuts to share
  3. Click "Share shortcuts"
  4. Copy the link or insert recipient email addresses
  5. Share the link in a text message, social media post, or email.

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