No more copy & paste? Now that's Magical.
For anyone automating tasks—no "building" required.
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Template actions
30 monthly transfer actions
5 enrichment actions
Unlimited template storage
Community support
$6.50 /month/user
For individuals who want to automate 8+ hours of tasks/week.
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Everything in Free +
Unlimited template actions
30 monthly transfer actions
10 AI actions
$12.00 /month/user
For teams or individuals who need unlimited & on-brand automations.
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Everything in Core +
Unlimited template actions
500 transfer actions
100 AI actions
50 monthly enrichment actions
Manage team content & members
For large organizations who need secure automations at scale.
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Everything in Advanced +
Unlimited template & transfer actions
500 AI actions & AI controls
150 monthly enrichment actions
SSO, SCIM & Reporting
Custom onboarding & support

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Is Magical free to use?

Yes - Magical has a free plan you can use with no time limit and lots of automations. You can get started by downloading Magical here.

Is Magical secure?

Yes. Explore our security and compliance documentation or get in touch.

What counts as 1 Template action?

Any time you use a template on a site/app counts as 1 template action. To review you available template actions - please visit your workspace.

What counts as 1 Automation?

Any of the following counts as 1 advanced action:

  • Enrich - Clicking “Generate” in the panel or to reveal an email of a profile you are visiting on the web.
  • AI Assist - Writing a prompt and then pressing enter to generate a Shortcut counts as 1 advanced action.
  • AI Reply - clicking Yes / No / Write with AI / template suggestion buttons counts as 1 advanced action.
  • Transfers - Any time you click “Transfer … ” to move information into spreadsheets, or website forms - that counts as 1 advanced action. The first time you fill and map the information does not count. When you transfer multiple pieces of information or from multiple open website tabs - that still counts as only 1 advanced action.

Are the usage limits for all time or monthly?

The usage limits outlined above are for all time. You can increase your limit by referring new users to Magical, or upgrading plans.