13 Must-have Recruitment Tools to Make Hiring Easier

Recruitment tools are essential for helping you source and hire the right people for your company or client. Without them, it’s common to find yourself bogged down as a recruiter with manual research, outreach, and data entry into your applicant tracking system (ATS).This snatches time away from what you really want to do: source excellent candidates.

Luckily, plenty of recruitment automation tools out there to help you get your job done faster. And in this handy guide, we’ve listed 13 tools to check out right now.

What are recruitment tools?

Recruitment tools allow you to source candidates, create job descriptions, advertise vacancies, screen applicants, fill roles, and onboard new starts.

Some work by automating dull and repetitive tasks. Others gather vital stats and track recruitment progress. However you choose to use them, adding these types of tools to your recruitment toolkit gives you more time to engage with candidates, improving your chances of hiring someone who is the perfect fit for the role.

But saving time isn’t the only benefit!

What are the other benefits of using hiring tools?

In addition to streamlining tasks and conjuring up more hours in the day, using tools for recruitment has the following benefits:

  • They’re secure: Whether you’re dealing with tens, hundreds, or thousands of applications, it’s your responsibility to store a candidate’s personal info safely.

    The good news is, that many of the leading recruitment tools have security features baked in, so you’ll have peace of mind that any sensitive details (names, addresses, emails, telephone numbers, etc.) are backed up and secure.

  • They improve accuracy and productivity: After hours of tedious form-filling and manual data entry, you might see some errors start to creep in. We’re only human, after all. That’s where automated recruitment tools can ride to the rescue.

    Once you’re happy with the info you’ve submitted, you can upload it to various job boards or databases with a simple click or a tap.

  • They’re more efficient: Poring over countless cover letters, résumés, and applications is time-draining. But by using a specialized screening tool, you can filter by keyword or related skills to quickly drill down to your preferred list of candidates.

So, that’s why they matter. But what are some of the best recruitment tools around today?

The 13 best recruiting tools you need at your fingertips

Some of the tools we’ve picked below have been chosen to support certain parts of the hiring process. Others can be used from start-to-finish. They’re all developed to help you with one or more of the 7 stages of recruitment:

  1. Planning: First, you need to identify the vacancy, understand the role you want to fill, and figure out how many applicants/hires you need.

  2. Analysis: Next, you need to flesh out the qualities of your ideal candidate (level of education, industry experience, skills, qualifications, etc.)

  3. Sourcing: Armed with the above, you can start your search by advertising the vacancy or headhunting candidates (or a mixture of both).

  4. Screening: Once you’ve received your desired number of applications, it’s time to whittle them down to a shortlist.

  5. Engagement: Now, you need to engage your preferred candidates. Reach out to them, arrange an interview (or series of interviews) and assess their credentials.

  6. Selection: Following the interview stage, you should compare the candidates and select the one (or ones) who most closely match the job requirements.

  7. Onboarding: Finally, it’s time to welcome your new hire(s) to the team. Onboarding should cover contracts, health & safety, HR, colleague introductions, job responsibilities, and more—and all without overwhelming your new employee.

Let’s take a look at the tools you can use to streamline each stage of recruitment.

Tools for the whole recruitment process (end-to-end)

1. BambooHR

BambooHR is an all-in-one HR solution for small businesses. It lets you create a custom careers page for your website, share job listings across big hitters like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Craigslist, and share vacancies to social media with the click of a button.

You can also track your applicants throughout the recruitment process and onboard the successful candidates from within the platform by having them sign a digital employment agreement.

2. Zoho Recruit

Similar to BambooHR but for the enterprise-level, Zoho Recruit is packed with handy recruitment and retention features. You can quickly create a custom careers page, hire for multiple positions at once, or encourage referrals from existing employees to cast the net far and wide in search of talent.

And once you’ve found your list of ideal candidates, you can request video interviews using the platform, before sending offer letters to those you want to hire. Seamless.

3. Magical

There’s  a lot of typing, tab-toggling, and copy-pasting involved in recruitment—but there doesn’t have to be. Magical can save you up to 7 hours a week by streamlining your most common messaging, sourcing, and data-entry workflows.

how to use magical as a recruiter tool

Magical saves your perfectly crafted outreach messages as shortcuts. With two keystrokes, you can automatically insert your message template and fill it with your candidate's details. Magical can also help with sourcing workflows by automatically filling your candidate spreadsheets or updating your applicant tracking (ATS) systems with a simple keystroke.

Used by the likes of Loom, ZipRecruiter, and Etsy, Magical can boost your productivity at every stage of the hiring process.

But don’t just take our word for it. Stefanie Ramsey, Senior Corporate Recruiter for Salesforce, calls it a “MUST HAVE for any recruiter's toolkit.” Who are we to argue?

Tools for sourcing candidates

4. Workable

When you’re on the hunt for talent, you’ll want to ensure every base is covered. Workable has your back. Posting your job opening to over 200 job sites and giving you access to almost 400 million candidates, you’ll be spoilt for choice. This AI-powered platform can even make candidate recommendations based on your criteria. Welcome to the future!

5. Gender Decoder

Writing job descriptions that attract the right audience is an art form. But there’s always a risk that unconscious biases can creep into your language.

Gender Decoder is a free tool designed to improve your job descriptions so that they don’t discourage a particular gender from applying. Simply paste your description into the box and it’ll flag any subtle, masculine- or feminine-coded words to help you refine your listing.

Tools for screening applicants

6. iMocha

Once you’ve identified your longlist of candidates, it’s time to put them through their paces before the interview stage. iMocha is an assessment tool that lets you screen applicants based on a variety of factors, such as testing their coding knowledge, business skills, or financial aptitude. You’ve got over 1,000 templates to choose from, and you can even customize the questions to match your business challenges.

7. Vervoe

Another nifty AI-powered tool, Vervoe uses tests designed by industry experts to predict real-life job performance. That way, you can hire people who are great at doing the job, and not just great at interviews. Vervoe’s assessments can be customized to let you test for general technical or software-specific skills, plus those all-important soft skills like communication and attention to detail.

Tools for engaging your candidates

8. VidCruiter

Scheduling and conducting interviews can be stressful for all involved, especially if candidates need to take time out and travel to your office. VidCruiter offers a better way.

The platform lets you coordinate interview slots (successful applicants simply choose the best available time for them), conduct the interview online (face-to-face in real-time, while scoring the candidate throughout), and follow up on references. The bottom line? This streamlined approach to video recruiting claims to reduce your time-to-hire by up to 80%!

9. Spark Hire

Similar to VidCruiter, Spark Hire lets you conduct video interviews from anywhere in the world. You can allow candidates the opportunity to answer questions in their own time with a pre-recorded video interview, or meet them live in real-time. And once the interview is over? You can share the videos with your hiring managers to get their feedback.

Tools for selecting candidates

10. Accurate

Once you’re ready to choose your preferred candidate and offer them the job, there’s still a bit of due diligence to be done. Accurate helps you make an informed decision by doing background checks and verification on your candidate. This includes checks on their identity, credit record, criminal record, as well as employment, education, and driving records.

11. Sterling

Trusted by the likes of Lego, Siemens, and Amnesty International, Sterling is another background check solution that helps ensure you’re making an informed hiring choice. Access reports on everything from criminal background, drug and health screening, court records, credit checks, fingerprints, SSN, and more.

Tools for onboarding new hires

12. Paychex Flex

Congratulations! You’ve found the right person for the job, offered it, and they’ve accepted. But the hard work doesn’t stop there. You need to onboard your new hire into your organization. That’s where Paychex Flex comes in.

This dedicated employee onboarding software helps your new employee get the admin out of the way, without the risk of papercuts. Everything is digitally signed and stored online — including crucial new hire forms like the I-9, W-4, and direct deposit authorization.

13. ApplicantStack Onboard

ApplicantStack Onboard is another neat onboarding software that helps you introduce new hires quickly. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything your employees need, including the hiring manager’s contact information, state and federal tax forms, training videos, benefits info, employee handbooks, and a virtual assistant to tackle those FAQs new starters have.

Hey presto! We hope these 13 recruitment tools will make your life as a recruiter easier—and the hiring process a lot smoother.

Want to add the Magical app to your box of tricks? Add it to Chrome here.

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