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Use Magical to source candidates quickly, update your applicant tracking system in a flash, and send personalized messages that people actually read.
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Finding good candidates is like finding needles in a haystack

Any recruiter worth their salt can tell you: it’s a number game. For every one job opening, you might need to message hundreds of candidates. And sifting through all that hay can get real friggin’ tedious.

“With Magical, I can message 100 more people in a week. Easily. It's saved me a lot of time copying, pasting, and tweaking."

Liv Natawidjaja
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Source candidates the easy way

See someone who looks poifect for the job?
Use Magical to automatically pull their name, title, and contact info from any website into a Google Sheet or ATS database.

Get 10x faster at outreach

No need to type out that same follow-up message yet again. Use Magical templates to send outreach faster and automatically insert personal details into your notes to candidates.

Let your ATS update itself

Enter candidates into your ATS by teleporting their info from any other open tab. Magical works seamlessly with any ATS—including Workday, Greenhouse, BambooHR, and more.

Who needs integrations?
Magical works wherever you work.

Work together to recruit smarter

This isn’t the Wild West—every recruiter doesn’t need to be on their own. Use Magical to share your most effective messages across the department and set up shared automations to become more productive as a team.
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“Magical has made my job significantly easier. I use it daily. Seriously this is a MUST HAVE for any recruiter's toolkit.”

Stefanie Ramsey
Senior Corporate Recruiter

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Frequently asked questions

Is Magical a type of recruitment automation software?

Magical is a type of recruitment automation software that helps recruiters automate repetitive tasks in their everyday workflows. Specifically, it can help you automate sourcing by automatically collecting candidate data from websites like LinkedIn or GitHub and sorting them into a spreadsheet. In addition, Magical can also help you automate data entry when you’re uploading information into an applicant tracking system (ATS), such as Greenhouse, BambooHR, or Freshteam. Lastly, you can also use Magical to automate outreach by saving message templates within the app and calling them up anywhere so you don’t have to retype them out over and over again (or spend time copying and pasting).

How do you set up Magical for recruiting?

Magical just works, with no integrations required for your favorite ATS or recruiting tools. You can download the 100% free Chrome extension by visiting the Chrome web store. Within minutes, you’ll be able to set up some simple recruitment automations and save your most-frequently used templates within the app. No technical expertise, coding skills, or magic wands required.

What should a recruiter automate first using Magical?

The first thing most recruiters automate using Magical is their outreach. Because you probably already have a ton of boilerplate email or message templates you use when you’re reaching out to candidates. (e.g., “Open to new opportunities?”, “Thanks for joining me on the call today!”, “Just following up…”) Rather than copy and paste these templates from your notes pad or a Google Doc, Magical can save all of these for you in one place and let you call them up in just a few keystrokes anywhere you need—whether it’s in your email, on Linkedin, or anywhere else. In Magical, these are called templates. And not only do they let you use rich media and formatting, they also come equipped with info placeholders so you can instantly personalize your templates with details like the first name of the candidate you’re messaging or their job title.

Does Magical work with my existing recruitment tools?

Magical is an ambient automation app, which means it works alongside all other recruiting tools you can open in a Chrome browser window. This includes popular apps such as Gmail, LinkedIn, Indeed, Workable, TestGorilla, Breezy HR, Calendly, BambooHR, Gem, InMail, ContactOut, Textio,, Bullhorn, ApplicantStack, HelloSign, PandaDoc, Trello, and more. Not only can you use Magical within each of these different recruiting tools, you can also use it to automatically transfer data (like customer details) between them.

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