5 Spellbinding LinkedIn Recruiter Message Templates

Hunting for those elusive Purple Squirrels and Pink Unicorns? LinkedIn is one of the best places to discover your ideal candidates and engage with passive job seekers. But with a menagerie of talent at your fingertips, sorting through profiles and crafting messages takes time. That’s where a LinkedIn recruiter message template can ride to the rescue.

Actually, let’s rephrase that:

That’s where a Magical LinkedIn recruitment template can ride to the rescue.

In this post, we share 5 customizable outreach template ideas for LinkedIn and explain how our app can help you pull the right recruitment message from thin air. As if by Magic.

However, before we reveal all, every good trick has a setup:

How do you write a recruitment message on LinkedIn?

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a blank message box, wondering, “what do I write in a LinkedIn recruiter note?” you’re not alone. Even the most seasoned headhunters can find this particular part of recruitment intimidating.  

The good news is that there are several things you can include right off the bat when writing your outreach message on LinkedIn:

  • The person’s name: Okay, this seems obvious, but personalizing your message is a must. When reading it, the recipient has to feel like you’ve messaged them (and only them). Bonus points if you use their name in the subject line. One study found that messages with personalized subject lines enjoyed a 58% higher click-to-open (CTO) rate than those without personalization in their subject lines.

  • Who you are and what you’re offering: Don’t be vague. Offer some detail about you, the company you represent, and the role you’re trying to fill in your opening gambit. If the person thinks it’s not for them, you won’t waste any more time going back and forth answering those questions.
  • Something from their profile: Prove that you’ve taken the time to review their experience, expertise, and connections. Make it personal. Make it human. If it reads like spam, it’ll be discarded as spam.

  • A question or call-to-action: Finally, you need to prompt a response. If your message doesn’t end with a compelling reason to continue the conversation, you’ve wasted your time (and your prospect’s time, too).

Of course, writing all of this from scratch every time can be pretty draining. That’s why you need an easily accessible, concise, and customizable template to do the heavy lifting.

So, without further ado, here are 5 of the best LinkedIn InMail templates for recruiters:

5 LinkedIn recruiter message templates for you to try today

1. The “someone’s been singing your praises” template

Why does this template work? Simply by mentioning that you have a connection in common, you can quickly build trust and establish credibility with the candidate. And reading that they’ve been personally recommended by someone they know could pique their interest.

How to make your outreach Magical

Magical is a top-rated text expander and autofill app that you can use across millions of websites—including LinkedIn! Never type the same thing over and over again. Instead, refine your best outreach templates and save them as easy-to-access shortcuts.

Simply type // and choose the message you want to send. Like magic, our app populates your InMail box and personalizes it with key information, such as the candidate’s name, role, and company.

You can make it even more personal and detailed by using additional shortcuts to instantly share a Calendly or Zoom link (or something else).

Save up to 7 hours per week emailing and scheduling and close candidates faster.

Magical has made my job significantly easier. As a recruiter, I use it daily in communications with candidates, hiring teams, and even within our ATS. Seriously, this is a MUST HAVE for any recruiter's toolkit. - Stephanie Ramsey, Recruiter, Salesforce

Add Magical to Chrome – it’s free!

2. The “post-event check-in” template

Why does this template work? You can use this template to jog your prospect’s memory, turning a cold, out-of-the-blue LinkedIn message into a warm lead. The fact you’re following up on an in-person conversation may increase your chances of receiving a response. Consider further personalizing the message with specific details of the event and your discussion.

3. The “flattery will get you everywhere” template

Why does this template work? This approach does several things at once. You demonstrate that you’re paying attention to what your prospect is publishing, you’re making them feel good about the quality of their work, and you’re aligning their interests and values with your company. Win, win, win.

4. The “congrats on the new job” template

Why does this template work? This type of message is a bit of a Trojan Horse. You get to subtly highlight that your company has new opportunities (which may interest them) while also potentially growing your own network via their suggestions.

5. The “timely follow-up” template

Subject Line: Me again, [Name]!

Why does this template work? By following up, you show that you’re genuinely interested in the candidate. And if you use something like Calendly, you can leave it with them to choose a time that works best for them.

Final thoughts

The key to writing an effective and engaging InMail recruitment message is to make the content feel unique to the reader. The moment they believe it’s yet another spammy cold LinkedIn message is the moment you lose their trust.

But that doesn’t mean you need to start with a blank screen every time you want to reach out to a new prospect. Use the Magical app to pull your favorite templates into InMail in just a few keystrokes. You can then quickly and efficiently personalize your message to grab your candidate’s attention and start a conversation.

Want to add Magical to your recruitment repertoire? Get it for Chrome here – for free!

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