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Put your team’s most effective messages and productivity tricks at the fingertips of everyone. (Because more fingertips = more magic.)
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“If I have a really good email template, I can put it in Magical and instantly share it with everyone.”

See how Lee's team uses Magical
Lee Marcus
Mid-Markets Account Executive

Supercharge productivity across departments

Automate repetitive tasks across teams without the help of any developers, APIs, or integrations. Customer support, sales, marketing, ops—anyone can use Magical.

Access your team’s collective brainpower

Work together to work smarter. Curate a shared library of your team’s top productivity tricks—from frequently used messages to common workflow automations.

“Personally, Magical saves me about an hour a day. Across the company, it’s saved us thousands of hours.”

See how Dr. Beer's team uses Magical
Dr. Laurence Beer
Medical Director, Compliance

Create a shared library of your best messages

Speak the same language, eliminate mistakes, and increase your team’s productivity. The more you collaborate, the better your team will get.

Automate steps in your team’s workflow

Speed through repetitive workflows by sharing automations for tasks like data entry or sourcing. No need to reinvent the wheel just because someone new is working on it.

Who needs integrations?
Magical works wherever you work.

Supercharge your productivity on 10,000,000+ sites, like Salesforce, Zendesk, Gmail, LinkedIn, or any other website.

How does Magical for teams work?

Save it

Create time-saving tricks for all your team’s repetitive tasks, such as messaging or data entry.

Share it

Get access to your team’s best messages and one-click automations for workflows.

Slash it

Speed through your team’s repetitive tasks, making your entire organization more productive.

“Magical helps us save a tremendous amount of time. It’s been helpful not just for me—but for our entire team.”

Emely Leal
Bilingual Account Coordinator
Mission Lane

Keep your team’s data 100% secure

Magical never collects or stores your team’s keystrokes. We take privacy and security seriously—and take active measures to safeguard the data of our users.

Pricing you gotta see to believe

Run a free experiment to see how many tasks your team can automate with our free plan. Check out pricing plans that won't eat up your team's budget.

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