New way to sign-in, delete shortcuts in bulk, and much more! 馃ぉ

July 28, 2021

We have a number of new features that are being released to our users starting now!

New way to sign-in

Our users can now choose to sign up to Magical using passwordless login. Instead of dealing with passwords, users are sent a unique link via email. Once you click that link, you will be authenticated and directed back to the Magical app. Magic links provide both a highly secure and user-friendly experience and have been used by 1000's of companies, such as Slack and Square. Read more about the different ways you can sign-in for Magical here.

Delete shortcuts in bulk

Have a bunch of shortcuts you want to get rid of? Now you don't need to waste precious time selecting and individually deleting each shortcut. Simply select the shortcuts you want to delete, and delete them all at once.

Auto-tagging Shared Shortcuts

Sending a number of shortcuts to a colleague or friend? If you've added a Tag to them, the receiver will now get your shortcuts autotagged with your name. Note that if the receiver wants to amend the name of the Tag, they can always edit it on their own after they have accepted them. 聽Learn more about Tags here.

Import / Export

We've now split out the Import & Export functionality in Magical in the Magical workspace.

Import - if you would like to overwrite your existing Shortcuts in Magical, use the Import function to copy and paste in your JSON file.

Export - if you would like export all of your Shortcuts from Magical, use the Export function which will create a web-link with all of your Shortcuts.

Sharing just got easier

We've now added share button across each of your individual Shortcuts in the Magical Workspace, so you can share your Shortcuts even faster!