Magical raises $41M in funding after automating a billion repetitive tasks at over 10,000 companies

Today we’re excited to share that Magical has raised $35M in Series A funding to empower anyone to eliminate soul-crushing work. Following $6 million seed funding backed by Greylock and Bain, the round was led by Coatue with support from existing investors at Greylock and Bain, Lightspeed, SV Angel, Blank Ventures, Box Group and others.

“We invested in Magical because it offers a simple, easy solution that can automate mundane tasks for literally anyone. Coatue believes the value of the product is clear, as adoption climbs and daily active usage signals just how beneficial Magical is to team workflows. With the introduction of Magical's more advanced features geared toward automation, we believe the company will play a foundational role in the future of how we do work.”
Andy Chen, Coatue 

Our angel investors in both rounds include leading software visionaries like Front’s Mathilde Collin, Figma’s Dylan Field, Loom co-founders Joe Thomas, Shahed Khan, Vinay Hiremath, Intercom’s co-founder Des Traynor, Lattice founder Jack Altman, former Atlassian executives Jay Simons and Sri Viswanathan, and many more.

Repetitive tasks are everywhere, but existing solutions require a Ph.D.

Before Magical, I founded a startup called Careerify. Like every founder, I wore many hats, such as sales, recruiting, and even acting as our customer support team. In these roles, I was bombarded with repetitive tasks such as copy-pasting prospect information into databases or repeatedly writing the same outreach message to candidates. I quickly realized that everyone succumbs to mundane, repetitive tasks, but existing automation solutions are expensive, clunky, or require technical skills to set up and manage.

That’s why we created Magical.

Magical empowers anyone to eliminate soul-crushing work 

Until now, Magical has been used as a messaging app that helps users quickly access their frequently used text. Today, we’re excited to announce an evolution to Magical with powerful new features in beta. With no integrations and just a simple keystroke, Magical can move data across your websites, speeding up workflows like messaging, data-entry, and more. We’ve seen Magical used in many creative ways with roles such as sales, customer support, and recruiting seeing exponential value. 

"Magical has been incredibly useful in sending messages to candidates, completing sourcing workflows, and filling fields faster in our applicant tracking system (ATS). It saves me a lot of time. I love the application so much that I have recommended it to different colleagues in many departments. And they agree with me. It is seriously the best!"
- Camila Pérez, Recruiting Coordinator, Salesforce

The average user eliminates about seven hours of work a week after integrating Magical into how they work - and news has spread. Through primarily word of mouth, over 10,000 businesses including Salesforce, Uber, Bolt, Disney, and Facebook rely on us today. We have 450,000+ users who have filled over one billion fields since our inception. Even more important, customers love us: Magical has over 2,000 positive ratings in the Chrome Store.

An important journey ahead 

We have ambitious goals to empower the billions of knowledge workers globally to get back to doing what they love instead of mind-numbing tasks. With the funding we announced today, we plan to double down on R&D, focusing on bringing world-class talent to product, engineering, and design teams. If you’re excited about what we’re building, check out our open roles to see if there might be a fit.

Along with my co-founders, Rosie Chopra, Zach Piepmeyer, and Prashant Viswanathan, we’re tackling the $24B robotic process automation (RPA) market. While this space typically brings to mind clunky, expensive software with long sales and implementation cycles, Magical flips RPA on its head, offering a simple, user-enabled automation solution.

We’re just beginning this important journey and hope that you’ll follow along as we progress. Download our free Google Chrome Extension to try it out and see how Magical can save you hours each week. If you have questions for us, reach out at

Cheers, Harpaul & the MagicMakers Team

Ps. Have feedback? Check us out on Product Hunt and leave your feedback or share your support. 🙏

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