Best Customer Service Response Examples: 9 Handy Templates

If you want a solid foundation for communicating with your customers, finding some customer service response examples is a great starting point. These templates help you respond quickly, maintain consistency across teams, and allow you to rely on what you know helps customers the most when they’re in need of your support.

Look no further. In this post, we give you 9 really handy customer service templates that you can use straight away.

9 customer service response templates

We’ve organized these customer service response examples into all the common queries that your company is likely to receive.

Remember: while it’s good to use templates, personalizing your messages makes all the difference. Using a tool like an automated text expander (hint hint, Magical!) 👋 gives you the best of both worlds—a shortcut to templated responses, with a personal touch.

1. Thank you for contacting us

Letting your customers know how long your team will likely take to get back to them can help to manage their expectations.

Important things to remember:

  • Remind the customer that you received their email.
  • Always give a timeframe in which you will respond, and get back to them within this time (even if the issue isn’t fully resolved).
  • Provide contact details so that they can reach out to you with anything else.

2. An update on your issue

You’ll often find that customers are far more forgiving than you expect. Giving them an update in good time will help to keep them on your side.

Important things to remember:

  • Reassure the customer that they are a priority and that they haven’t been forgotten.
  • Commit to a timeframe and get back to the customer within this time.

3. Closing your ticket

Let your customer know once you’ve resolved their issue. You can also use this opportunity to check whether they have anything else they want to chat about.

Important things to remember:

  • Put their mind at ease by providing a comprehensive explanation of how the issue was resolved.
  • Make yourself available for any further queries.

4. Responding to an FAQ

Sometimes, drawing a customer’s attention to an issue you’ve already dealt with in the FAQ section of your website can help to prevent them from contacting you unnecessarily in the future.

Important things to remember:

  • Even though this information exists elsewhere, don’t make your customer feel like they’ve inconvenienced you in any way—be helpful and polite.

5. Thank you for the feedback

Sometimes, first-hand feedback from your customers is exactly what you need to improve and innovate your products and services.

Important things to remember:

  • Be thankful for the time they’ve taken to write out a suggestion to you.
  • Warn them that their idea may not be taken on board.

Customer service email response examples for complaints 😠

Managing complaints is a tricky business, especially if you’re dealing with rude or aggressive customers. These templates will help to earn back your client’s trust.

6. Product not received

Whenever you deal with complaints, be polite and solution-orientated. You might be able to turn a grumpy customer into a happy one.

Important things to remember:

  • Make an apology, but also show what your solution is quite quickly.
  • Offer a replacement as quickly as possible and/or a discount.

7. Billing error

Billing errors tend to ramp up customers’ sense of frustration pretty quickly. No one wants to pay more than they’ve agreed. Be as helpful as you can.

Important things to remember:

  • As above—apologize, but make sure you demonstrate that you’ve implemented a solution, too.
  • Discounts or other promotions can also be offered, if necessary or appropriate.

8. Poor customer service

Always pay attention to your customers’ customer service complaints. They help you to see where you’re going wrong.

Important things to remember:

  • Emphasize the fact that you have taken their experience seriously.
  • If possible, offer some form of compensation.
  • Most importantly of all, use this information to improve your customer service offering.

9. Following up

Following up is really important for retaining customers after they’ve had a disappointing experience. It shows that you really value them.

Important things to remember:

  • Have all your facts in place before you send this email out. If they haven’t, in fact, received their replacement, they’re likely to be doubly angry.

Having these response templates available to your customer service team through an app like Magical helps make the process quick and smooth.

With Magical's variables, you can automatically fill in your contact's details like First Name, Company, or even Product information into your message without having to toggle back and forth between tabs. For example, all those [customer name] fields would be automatically filled for you.

There’s no setup required—simply download the app and it works anywhere.

using Magical for customer service

Roundup: how do you respond to customer service queries?

These templates should help you preempt and prepare for different situations, so you can quickly get back to customers and impress them with your awesome service.

When you customize these templates, here are some things to remember:

  • Be polite. Always be professional in your responses. Please and thank you (and, where appropriate, a sincere apology) go a long way!

  • Be succinct. Write short and to-the-point replies without being abrupt or terse. Be conscious of your customer’s time: just give them the information they need.

  • Empathize. If you’re dealing with complaints, show that you’re aware of what your customer is going through and make it clear that you’re here to help.

  • Find a solution. Whatever their request, find a way to resolve it as quickly as possible. Your eyes should always stay firmly on this prize. 👀

A tool to help you with your customer service responses: Magical

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