15 of the Best Sales Productivity Tools

Sales productivity tools should free up time for salespeople to actually sell. That means having time and headspace to build meaningful connections with prospects.

Sadly, salespeople spend as little as a third of their day actually talking to prospects. That means two-thirds of their day is ripe for optimizing with sales productivity software.

And we’re not just talking about full-fledged enterprise solutions here. No, even niche apps and Chrome extensions can do some essential heavy-lifting for salespeople.

What is sales productivity software going to do for you?

The best sales productivity tools are the ones that save hours every week by handling some of the repetitive, mind-numbing jobs that are an unavoidable part of any sales process. They increase accuracy and make selling a little more fun, too. These include:

  • Tools like automatic text expanders that remove the drudgery for salespeople by making their outreach process quicker, smoother, and more consistent.
  • Prospecting tools that help sales teams discover great leads faster.
  • Scheduling apps that make it simple for prospects to book a demo, call, or meeting.
  • Then there are the bots and automated dialers that kick off engaging sales conversations to improve your speed to lead while assigning prospects to sales reps.

These are the most common productivity tools for smoothing out the sales process. They help salespeople spend more time selling and less time getting frustrated by the admin work.

With these goals in mind, we’ve found 15 of the best sales productivity tools for you.

First, introducing our own sales productivity tool—Magical

Make tasks disappear. Like magic.

Magical makes all of the most mundane sales tasks disappear. With our text expander you can summon your outreach templates with just a couple of keystrokes, and populate them with accurate personalized details in a flash. Your shortcuts work anywhere on the web—whether you’re using LinkedIn or email to contact prospects, it works like a charm.

magical text expander

But the sales productivity benefits don’t stop there:

With Magical, you can shift sales and prospecting data from your open tabs to Excel or Google Sheets with just a single click. No more toggling between tabs or fixing copy-paste errors. Your spreadsheets will fill themselves.

And you can wave goodbye to other data entry tasks, too. With Magical you can autofill forms and create new records anywhere, instantly—even in your internal sales apps or CRM.

how magical helps you as a sales productivity tool

More than 10,000 companies are using Magical, including Salesforce, Uber, Disney, and Facebook. More than 15 million messages have been sent using Magical already. And our users have collectively saved over 1,500 years of time. 🙀

Now, what else might you want to add to your sales productivity tech stack?

What are the best sales productivity tools?

5 sales productivity tools for lead generation

Leads are the fuel salespeople need to power through their day. Lead generation can be a big time-sap. Tools that assist with prospecting let your salespeople focus more on relationship-building. That’s where the magic happens.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With more than 89 million active monthly users, LinkedIn is the place to be for lead gen. The Sales Navigator prospecting tool is designed to help you drive a personalized pool of qualified leads. It sorts leads into categories, delivers insights about prospects, and filters by region, industry, role, and more.

(Note: if you’re doing LinkedIn sales outreach, you can combine LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Magical. Use the text expander—with variables—to make messaging quicker, and import data from LinkedIn into your spreadsheets or CRM system.)

  • Octoparse, a simple-to-use web scraping tool that lets you collect data from social platforms, directories and professional platforms and put it into a neat spreadsheet. It cleans the data you collect, ready for the sales team. With Octoparse, you can build prospect lists and audiences, then move qualified leads directly to your CRM.
  • Datafox by Oracle, which uses AI and machine learning to help you source prospects who are most likely to give a positive response to your sales pitch.
  • Leadfeeder. Great for B2B prospecting because it detects companies who have been visiting your site and gives you the opportunity to reach out to the right stakeholders.
  • Growbots helps you build customer profiles and source warm leads for sales teams. It positions itself as an outbound sales platform, giving you prospecting and outreach functionality in one place.

3 tools for making first contacts faster

Automation will help you make first contact with the right people, at the right time. This usually involves setting up triggers for certain behaviors or actions, and making your approach through the channels that prospects prefer.

So, what are the 3 types of productivity tools that can help you make first contact?

  • Kixie, which accelerates sales outreach with dialing technology—call routing, monitoring, and interactive voice responses. It allows you to send automated voice and personalized SMS messages, which can be triggered by prospect behaviors.
  • Cloudtalk is a click-to-call software, allowing intelligent call routing by region, contact or other criteria. It cuts the time salespeople spend on dialing prospects, provides real-time coaching, and even helps with sales performance reporting.
  • Mailshake is an email outreach automation tool. It lets you set up sales engagement email sequences, helps you write compelling copy for your emails, and gives you a birds-eye view of prospects and how they’ve engaged with your company.

4 scheduling tools to improve sales productivity

Scheduling tools enhance sales productivity by keeping salespeople on track throughout their day—but also by making them more accessible to interested prospects.

The best sales productivity tools for scheduling allow prospects to book time with salespeople without delay.

  • Calendly. One of the most popular scheduling apps on the market, Calendly takes the hassle out of scheduling. The app removes the need for all the back-and-forth most scheduling requires and lets prospects block out time conveniently. The user interface is uncluttered and simple. It easily integrates with Gmail and Outlook too, meaning less double-booking and more deal-closing.
  • Acuity Scheduling. A little more than a simple calendar app, Acuity Scheduling is more like an AI assistant. Bookings can be automated, reminders get sent (which can reduce no-shows by 29%), and prospects can book their time—and reschedule it when needed—without needing to interrupt salespeople.
  • Clockify, which allows you to schedule meetings and track time with one simple scheduling tool. Clockify lets you visualize projects and timelines for your teams, and lets you plan on a timeline and assign tasks to the right salespeople.
  • SimplyBook. This handy booking system integrates with websites and social platforms so you can accept bookings for appointments, meetings, and demos. Effortless for the sales team and the prospect alike.

3 sales productivity tools for demos and sales presentations

  • Zoom lets you meet anyone, anywhere at any time. Unlimited 1 to 1 and group calls are free, as long as they don’t go over the 40-minute limit.

    The in-built collaboration and recording functionality makes the platform ideal for sales demonstrations and presentations. You might also want to check out Zoom’s big competitor,
    Google Meet, which has similar features and integrates seamlessly with your Google Workspace.
  • Klyck describes itself as a sales enablement platform designed specifically for B2B. It helps sales teams build interactive presentations that engage prospects, and comes with a bunch of search options to help sales teams find the content and playbooks they need.
  • Prezi. This customizable presentation tool comes with a lot of different collaboration functionality, helping your sales team to make tedious slides a thing of the past. Alongside Google Slides, Prezi is the biggest MS Powerpoint competitor out there.

The sales productivity tools we’ve listed here take some of the tedious tasks off salespeople’s desks so they have more energy for building relationships and closing deals.

Don’t forget to check out Magical. You’ll save hours every week by making time-consuming sales tasks disappear—from messaging to prospecting and data entry.

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