12 of the Best LinkedIn Message Templates to Try Now

If you want to make a heap of valuable new LinkedIn connections, “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” just won’t cut it. And when you’re aiming for a sky-high response rate from your outreach, you need to have compelling, personalized, content ready to go. With this in mind, we’ve created this list of LinkedIn message templates to help.

The LinkedIn message examples we give you below can be used for each of the different types of LinkedIn connection, and for different use cases. Feel free to take these templates and use them as they are, or tinker with the copy so it reflects your own tone of voice.

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12 of the Best LinkedIn Message Templates

Template 1. Connecting with people outside your network

Template 2. Connecting with fellow LinkedIn group members

Template 3. Connecting with followers

Template 4. Connecting with 3rd degree connections

Template 5. Connecting with 2nd degree connections

Template 6. Connecting with 1st degree connections

1st degree connections are the people you already know. Maybe you’ve worked together or crossed paths in the past. These three LinkedIn message templates are perfect for connecting with people you see—or used to see—regularly:

6a) Connecting with old colleagues with a LinkedIn message

6b) Connecting with current colleagues with a LinkedIn message

6c) Connecting with current colleagues with a LinkedIn message

How do I introduce someone in LinkedIn messages?

There are a couple of different ways to introduce LinkedIn contacts to each other. The easiest way is to send the same message to each of them:

Template 7. Introducing connections to each other

7a) LinkedIn introduction template #1

7b) LinkedIn introduction template #2

The other way to introduce LinkedIn contacts is to share your connection’s profile details alongside a brief explanation. To do this, start by searching from your connections list for the person you’d like to introduce. Then…

  1. Click their name in the results.
  2. Expand the MORE menu next to the blue Send a message button and select Share Profile.
  3. Enter each recipient’s name in the To: field.
  4. Modify the message to explain how they’ll benefit from knowing each other.

The following LinkedIn message examples can help you personalize your message when you share someone's details. Use them as they are or adapt the copy as needed. When you’re happy with it, simply click "Send."

7c) LinkedIn introduction template #3 (for recruitment opportunities)

7d) LinkedIn introduction template #4 (for B2B sales opportunities)

These sample LinkedIn message templates aren’t designed to help you pitch from the first contact. Instead, they’ll put the new relationship on firm footing. Reaching out to new LinkedIn connections requires sincerity, authenticity, and a little creativity.

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Related FAQs:

How do I write a message on LinkedIn that gets responses?

3 key tips here: First, keep your message short and sweet, using your 1,900 characters sparingly. Second, always mention commonalities and show you’ve actually looked at their profile. And finally, don’t make a pitch. It’s likely to rub people up the wrong way.

What is a good introduction message on LinkedIn?

Naturally, a good intro message begins by using the recipient’s name. It’s a subtle form of compliment. Take personalization further by paying the recipient a genuine compliment, noting something they’ve achieved, made, or said. Kudos is always welcome.

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