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Use Magical's AI task automation to send messages or fill forms in 1-click, anywhere you work.
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Answer any message, anywhere, in 1 click

Never say “sorry for the late reply” again. Use AI Reply to instantly respond to any email, Slack ping, LinkedIn DM, or WhatsApp message. No AI prompt needed.
  • Start with a draft anywhere: email, social media, and customer chat tools
  • Click “Yes” or “No” and let Magical reply for you
  • Get the right message suggestion at the right time
  • Choose a writing style that matches your personality

“I showed this to my manager and they were blown away.”

Emily Stewart
Customer Success Expert

Words are hard. AI Assist makes them easy.

Can’t find the right words? AI Assist is here to help. Draft the perfect sales outreach email or response to a customer's question in no time.
  • Create any custom message in seconds
  • Never worry about spelling or grammar mistakes
  • Access a writing helper anywhere on the internet

Buh-bye, busywork. Hello, AI automation.

Stop spending your time on mind-numbing work. Automate tasks like typing repetitive messages, and updating databases.

No AI training required

Magical is trained on your personal and teams’ templates. You no longer need to learn to speak AI to get it to work for you.

Get contextual accuracy 

Magical AI understands the conversation contexts and offers a smart suggestion to resolve every conversation quickly. Without typing a word.

AI-power your team

Onboard and train your team with a Magical coach. Magical offers messaging suggestions, live, that improve results.

Bring ChatGPT to where you work.

Use Magical AI on 10,000,000+ apps—Gmail, Zendesk, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and more.

More AI magic is on the way…

This year, AI is going to change the way you work. Keep your eyes open wide for no-build, no-training AI tools.

Save time with quick replies

Generate responses to emails, InMails, and more with one click. Magical AI will reference info from the original message to personalize your reply.

Prompt AI as you write

Simply type // anywhere across the web and let AI assist you in writing emails, subject lines, tweets, or any type of content.

Pull data from search pages

Extract data from search results, such as LinkedIn or Crunchbase, with just one click. You’ve never created a spreadsheet this lightning fast.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Magical AI really free to use?

You better believe it. Magical AI is free for everyone to use.

How does Magical AI work?

We’ve integrated with OpenAI to give you the ability to submit prompts to them from any webpage via our Chrome Extension. Simply open Magical, click on the Assist tab, and submit your prompt. We’ll do the rest by querying OpenAI for you and returning the result. 

Are there any limits?

We limit all prompts to 200 characters. If you exceed the limit then try rephrasing your prompt.

Does Magical AI use ChatGPT?

Magical AI is powered by the same technology as ChatGPT but uses the more recent GPT3.5 model.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a large language model (LLM) developed by OpenAI. It’s a conversational generative AI where you can ask questions and ChatGPT will provide answers. ChatGPT is trained on data up to 2021 and can help you write and debug code, compose music, stories, or translate into multiple languages. 

What version of GPT does Magical AI use?

Magical AI is powered by GPT3.5 with plans to implement GPT4 soon after it is released. 

Do I need my own OpenAI API key for this to work?

No, we use our own API-key to make this as easy for you as possible.

Can Magical AI serve as an AI Writing Assistant?

Yes! Use Magical AI to get your idea started and crush writer’s block. Magical can automatically add First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and more info to the prompt result too. 

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