Share the app, Type faster in Zendesk, Try your shortcuts...and more 馃帀

May 23, 2021

Share the app

We heard from a number of users that they wanted an easy way to share the magic with their friends/ colleagues. We now have a "share the app" button available in the app that will give you a unique share link.

Zendesk support

Zendesk updated its text editors which resulted in Magical not working momentarily. We have now patched a fix for this and Magical will now work throughout Zendesk.

Try your shortcuts

Want to test out your shortcuts after you've created them? Look no further. We now have a 'Try your Shortcuts' area within the app.

We heard from a number of users that having shortcuts works in Facebook Messenger was a 'must have'. Good news, we now support Facebook Messenger with both shortcut abbreviations and/or by hitting // to find and select your shortcut.

Performance optimization

We heard from users with older PCs that there was some latency when they were expanding their shortcuts - we have now optimized our performance levels so that users can expand shortcuts even faster.