Search your shortcuts + Settings for dropdown prompt! 馃攳

January 14, 2022

Search your shortcuts

Ever find yourself using Ctrl+F 聽to find that shortcut you made last Tuesday? Or scrolling through through the Magical workspace to see if you can eyeball it? Now you don鈥檛 have to. We introduced search within the Magical workspace so you can quickly get to that shortcut you need in an instant.

Simply head over to the Magical workspace and select the 馃攳 icon. You can search by shortcut trigger or using any of the content within the shortcut.

Customize the dropdown prompt //

Hitting // anywhere on the web has big benefits - it pulls up the Magical dropdown so you can quickly lookup any of your shortcuts on the fly. At the same time, we know // isn鈥檛 for everyone and 聽the ability to customize the dropdown prompt just like you do with your shortcut triggers comes with big benefits. So, we made it happen!

Head over to the Magical workspace and click on Settings to amend the dropdown prompt to any two characters you鈥檇 like!