A new workspace with new tricks in beta

May 27, 2022

Over the past several months, we’ve been furiously shipping features with the objective of saving you even more time. Beyond expanding text, we heard from many of you that a bulk of your time is spent moving data across multiple tabs and apps. The constant copying and pasting back and forth from tab-to-tab is exhausting, and many of you described this as “copy and paste fatigue”.

Whether you’re populating spreadsheets to prospect leads, updating records in your applicant tracking system, or personalizing your messages for that support response, the objective is clear: get the task completed in seconds, not hours.

With an updated workspace experience that went live today, we have some exciting new tricks up our sleeve.

Meet our niftiest magic trick yet, Transfers (in beta)

Today, we’re announcing our biggest time-saving feature ever, Transfers, now in beta.

Transfers allow you to move data between a source and destination. Sources and destinations are any web page or web app on the internet.  For example, you may want to move data from LinkedIn (source) to Google Sheets (destination), or LeadIQ(source) to Salesforce (destination).

Transfers can be used to

  1. Populate spreadsheets (e.g., Google Sheets) 📝
  2. Fill forms and databases (e.g., Applicant Tracking Systems, Support tools, CRMs) 🗄️

And with today’s launch, we make it possible to transfer almost anything. If it exists on the internet, you can likely use Magical to transfer data.

Over the past months, we’ve seen fascinating use cases by Magicians (our users) leveraging transfers. For example, we’ve seen salespeople use transfers to add records to Salesforce from apps like ZoomInfo, and recruiters complete sourcing research in Google Sheets from LinkedIn.  We’ve also seen several bespoke use cases from marketing, corporate development, medical workers, property managers, and more leveraging transfers in their day-to-day work.

One thing is clear - the only limit is your imagination. We’re excited to see how you’ll leverage transfers.

Variables just got smarter

Variables are even simpler to use and work smarter to save you time. How? When you use variables in your shortcuts, Magical will automatically fill your variable fields with corresponding data from your open tabs. For example, if you’re using a shortcut that includes a “First name” variable, Magical will recognize any open tab with a corresponding “First name” variable and fill it for you.

We heard from many of you that text variables have been a huge efficiency gain to your productivity, but why stop there? Saving you typing time will always be our goal. With our new version of variables (beta), Magical will see through your open tabs and suggest corresponding data for your shortcuts, saving you even more time.

You can learn all about variables in shortcuts here.

Share Magical to get access to new features

Transfers and variables (beta) are available to select users today. Want access? It’s easy. Refer your colleagues to join Magical and we’ll bump you up to the top of the list. We’re certain that they’ll be thrilled to receive the gift of productivity!

To refer a colleague, head over to the workspace, click on the transfers tab and you’ll be prompted to refer. Make sure you’re logged into the Magical app when you do refer so your referrals count!