Focus on closing,
not busy work.

Magical is the easiest way to source leads, update your CRM, and send personalized messages that convert across any channel.

Why sales teams use Magical

Sell on easy mode

Complete prospecting workflows in seconds without the frustration of constant copy and paste.

Set up in seconds

Magical just works, with no integrations required for your favorite CRM or sales tools. Download and watch the magic unfold.

Works beyond the CRM

Whether it's LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, LeadIQ or any other app on the web, Magical works where you do.

Used by sales teams around the world

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I love Magical. It's really helped me speed up my personalized outreach messages and has made me a top performer at my company. I've received a lot of recognition internally and I have Magical to thank for that.
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Cheyenne Bush
Sales Development Representative

Magical has improved the efficiency of our day-to-day communication and keeps our Sales team aligned on our external communication. You will be impressed how much time you will save by cutting out all the erroneous copy-paste activities and replacing it with an easy-to-remember Shortcut, all care of Magical.
Mohamed Abdelgawad, Business Development Lead at Uber

Mohamed Abdelgawad
BDR Team Lead

A smarter
text expander

Summon templates and frequently used text without taking your hands off the keyboard. Automatically populate your recipient’s personal details into templates - no copy and paste required.

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WHOA... outreach emails just became 100x easier."

SDR at Plaid

Sheets that
fill themselves

Move data from your open tabs to Google Sheets in a click! No more messy data to deal with, or copy errors to correct.

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Wow! Prospecting jams are so much easier!”

Sales Executive at Slack

Data entry
you won’t hate

Autofill form fields in a snap. Create new records anywhere, even your internal sales, customer service or applicant tracking software, instantly.

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My SDR saved 10% of his day, but 90% on the part of the job he hates most: mundane repetitive work."

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VP at Ninth Decimal

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