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Magical is your second brain to apply faster and service your clients better.

Why freelancers use Magical

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Apply to jobs quickly
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Save 8 hrs per week messaging
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Complete your clients' task

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Magical helps me in every part of my day! From applying to jobs, handling frequent questions from various customers, to completing jobs like data entry, customer support, SEO, and admin assistant roles, It is absolutely, without a doubt, 100%, my favorite add-on for Chrome.

Jane Lester

Magical has improved the efficiency of our day-to-day communication and keeps our Sales team aligned on our external communication. You will be impressed how much time you will save by cutting out all the erroneous copy-paste activities and replacing it with an easy-to-remember Shortcut, all care of Magical.
Mohamed Abdelgawad, Business Development Lead at Uber

Mohamed Abdelgawad
BDR Team Lead

Respond to jobs in record time

Your hands will never leave the keyboard. Craft your cover letter and FAQs and send it instantly in a few keystrokes.

Bring customization to your responses

Your responses don't have to be dull. Create variations of your replies depending on the job and on the client.

Onboarding and alignment made easy

Quickly share shortcuts with your team to get on the same page. Never miss a beat with your team.

Save time with the Magical app

Start saving 8 hrs/week with shortcuts that expand what you type. Get started in seconds.

Get started with template packs for Sales professionals like you

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Email templates for professionals
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Excel Formulas
Shortcuts for excel formula hacks
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Customer Support
Customer Support Responses
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