What is the working offline error?

Help, I see a "working offline" banner

Working Offline means that the Magical app does not have a connection with our servers. The app still works: you can expand text, add or edit shortcuts, etc.

However, there's a risk of losing shortcuts added or edited while offline. The Magical app stores data locally on your computer. If your internet browser cookies are cleared, or your computer becomes corrupt, all shortcuts can be lost.

How can cookies be cleared?

  • Your company has a policy set on your computer to clear your cookies regularly
  • Your IT team advises you to clear your cookies to make other applications (e.g. Okta, Outlook, Gmail) work
  • You inadvertently or intentionally clear cookies

Once this happens, your data is not recoverable, unless it's backed up. Our product can regularly back up your data, however, so it's important to resolve this issue.

How do I fix this?

  • FIrst, check your Internet Connection. If you have an internet connection, it is likely that your computer's firewall is the issue.
  • Firewall/VPN issue

To check if this is the issue, try to log off of your VPN, and visit the app using a regular internet connection (e.g. your home internet, a phone hotspot, or from a cafe). If you see the banner disappear, it is your corporate VPN.  We offer you two solutions here:

  1. Request your IT team to whitelist the following URLs, to get Magical working like normal:


    Note: * denotes as a wildcard, therefore allowing subdomains to work.
  2. The workaround: once you make a new shortcut, or edit an existing one, be sure to visit the app off of the corporate VPN / firewall. This will allow our app to sync with your computer, ensuring that your data is kept safe.