How does Magical keep my data safe?

We take privacy and security very seriously at Magical. Read on below to see how we keep your data safe.

Magical does not collect or store your keystrokes

Keystrokes on websites never leave a user's computer. The expansion of shortcuts occurs locally on a user's computer, without communication with Magical. You can test this by expanding shortcuts while your computer is offline.

Shortcut data is stored on our servers and is encrypted

Shortcut and shortcut text are stored on our server to provide durable backups, as your local storage would be erased if the extension is uninstalled. We store shortcut and shortcut text on our servers in real-time and complete general backups daily (backups are retained for 14 days). All communication with our servers is encrypted (via https:). Our shortcut database is encrypted, and Shortcut text has an additional layer of encryption to provide even better security and privacy.

Despite our security protocols, we do not recommend Magical for sensitive information

Magical is not intended to store things like credit card numbers, social security information, and other highly sensitive information. If someone gained access to your computer, they could access this information if it was stored in your Shortcuts (along with any other files on your computer).

For further information, please see our privacy policy.