What are macros and how do I use them?

Magical comes with a few macros to help you become even more productive. You can embed macros into any of your shortcuts. This article will explore Macros in more detail.

This article will cover:

  1. Date & Time macro
  2. Clipboard macro
  3. FAQs on macros

Date & Time Macro

The Date and Time macro helps you quickly insert the current Date & Time within your Shortcut.

Step 1: Click the Calendar icon at the bottom of your Shortcut

Step 2: Select the Date & Time format you would like included in your Shortcut

Step 3: The Shortcut text will look something like this. Hit Save.

Clipboard Macro

The Clipboard macro will paste the last contents of your clipboard wherever the macro is placed in your Shortcut. For example, if your Shortcut text read "Happy birthday %clip%", and you last copied the name "Rob", then when expanded, then the Shortcut text would read "Happy birthday Rob".

Step 1: Select the Clipboard icon in your shortcut to indicate where you would like it placed

Step 2: The Shortcut text will look like this. Hit save

FAQs on Macros

What if I want more options on date & time macros?

If you're interested in using custom Date & Time formats, just add the prefix %d, and follow the alternative date & time formatting options on this website. For example, you could add %(ddd) if you wanted to display the short form day of the week; if today was Monday, "Mon" would return when you expand your shortcut.

Can I add/ subtract dates & time?

This is not currently supported, but will be in the future.

Can I add multiple macros to a single shortcut?

Yes. You can add multiple macros to a single shortcut.