We know data privacy is important to you and your company

Your data never leaves your computer. We don't store data on our servers. We don’t re-upload your data to our servers. We’re not in the business of aggregating or selling your data.

The data we collect

Account information

This is the information you provide when you sign up. It includes your name, email, role, and company. We use this information to communicate with you and personalize your experience.

Customer support

When you submit a support ticket through our systems, we collect your company and contact data. We record activity related to your request. We use this information to help you better use the service, to contact you about your requests, and to improve the service.

Application names

The apps that you work with, but not their data. We use this information to create better integrations with the apps you use everyday.

Autofill suggestion quality

We monitor if autofill suggestions are accepted or rejected by you. This high level data allows us to calibrate our technology better for you. We use this information to improve our suggestions and support the apps you use.