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Magical is the universal clipboard for the internet. Copy data in bulk and paste it anywhere online, available whenever you need it.

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Source data faster

Import data from websites and apps into your existing tools with just two keystrokes

Save time:  connect your apps and sites anywhere on the web, and Magical will move data between them automatically

No setup -  no API keys or integrations required. Get started faster than it takes to finish reading this sentence.

Expand what you type
Summon large chunks of text you regularly type in just a few keystrokes, with the option to personalize key details.

Save time - create the perfect version of your snippet once and reuse it forever with precise and accurate messages every time

Works anywhere you type - insert text snippets in all of your sites and apps anywhere on the internet

Make it personal -  add custom information inside of copied snippets to make your messages feel unique

Data entry you won't hate

Magical lets you enter accurate data more quickly into any form, app, or service

Built with privacy in mind:  we never see your clipboard data; it's all stored locally on your desktop.

Eliminate errors: Magical's clipboard accesses the latest data from your open web apps and sites to ensure you're always pasting the right information

Hear from some of our sales' users

"My SDR saved 10% of his day, but 90% on the part of the job he hates most:  mundane repetitive work."
- Andrew A. VP Ninth Decimal

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“WHOA!  How much is this product? I’m buying it.” (It’s FREE!)
- Christina, SDR, Plaid

“Wow! Is this Google doing this?”
- Brandon G, xVP Sales, SurveyMonkey

“It takes me ~10 hours to complete a sourcing project. I’ve already cut this down by 50%.”
- Leigh, TQ Solutions

Add to Chrome – It's free