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Magical makes you consistent, professional and efficient everywhere you do business. Perfect for retailers and wholesalers working across multiple apps like Faire, Etsy, Shopify, email and Instagram.

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Summon large chunks of text you regularly type in just a few keystrokes, with the option to personalize key details.

Demonstration of shortcuts. //brb-> be right back. //zoom-> zoom. //outreach -> Hi <Alex>, I'd like to learn about your experience at <Disney>.
Connect anything on the web in seconds.

Magical is built for people who want to connect disparate information sources across the web instantly. In just two keystrokes, drop your data anywhere on the web.

The only limit is your imagination.

Whether it be sourcing responding to social media posts on Instagram, customers on Shopify or orders within your CRM, Magical is packed with power to help you get your work done faster, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Works where you do.

Magical helps advance your productivity in the apps you already use day in and day out. Get information at your fingertips in web apps like Faire, Etsy, Shopify, Square, Instagram and many more.

"My SDR saved 10% of his day, but 90% on the part of the job he hates most:  mundane repetitive work."
- Andrew A. VP Ninth Decimal

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With Magical, I have been telling everyone about it and they are amazed and thankful for your genius product.
- Dominique Brabham, Justworks

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