How to get started with Snippets

Snippets help you create personalized messages with a swift keystroke. It's faster than copying and pasting, and easy to send from any web app. Get your time back, while engaging customers, prospects, candidates, colleagues and more.

Let's check out how it works.

Canned Snippets

Canned Snippets help you save a ton of typing time by creating shortcuts for longer forms of your commonly used text. Let's create a snippet together.

  • Open the Magical panel on your sidebar
  • Click on Create Snippet
  • Type in the Name of your Snippet (pro tip: think of something relevant, short, and easy to remember)
  • Enter in your content into the Snippet Editor and click Save
  • Open up the destination (e.g., email compose) or wherever you want to place your Snippet
  • Type // and click on your newly created Snippet to insert it

Variable Snippets

Want to make your messages more personalized? You can add variables like first name, last name, company, favorite color (really anything all that your heart desires and that is available on the web).

  • Open up a Webpage or Web app from where you want to source variables.
  • Click on the Magical Panel and select Add Variables. Note that if a website or web-app already has variables, you'll see "Edit Variables" and you can skip this step. Select the elements on the website that you want to capture, and click Save!
  • Create a Snippet (following the steps in Canned Snippets), but this time type in // to invoke Magical in the Snippet Editor. You'll see a dropdown popup. Go ahead and select the data you want
  • Open up the destination (e.g., email compose) where you want to drop your Snippet
  • Type // and click your newly created Snippet to insert it (pro tip: you'll need to have the relevant website tabs open from the original website you're sourcing variables from)

Awesome - you just created a Variable Snippet!