How to get started with data entry

Who likes data entry? *hears crickets chirping in faraway distance*. Yep, same here. Magical makes data entry a breeze, and dare we say, even satisfying. Magical allows you to enter data into any form or system of record with just one click. Say goodbye to typos and wasted time!

Let's check out how it works.

Step 1: Add variables

Head over to the website or web-app where you want to source information from. In this example, we're interested in collecting information from UpLead.

  • Open the Magical Panel on your sidebar
  • Click on Create Variables. Note that if a website or web-app already has variables, you'll see "Edit Variables" and you can skip this section entirely, or edit the pre-made variables to capture any additional information you want.
  • Select the Elements on the website that you want to capture, and click Save!

Step 2: Create a mapping

Open up a System of Record that you want to update or create, for example your CRM (e.g., Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive), ATS (e.g., Lever, Greenhouse, Smart Recruiter) or any others

  • Type in // to invoke Magical
  • You'll see a dropdown popup. Go ahead and select the data you want
  • Repeat until the workflow is complete

Awesome - you just created a mapping!

Step 3: MagicFill

Now the real fun begins

  • Open up as many tabs as you like from the website or web-app where you would like to source information from
  • Create a new record and type //
  • Watch the magic unfold!