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Variables effortlessly move data across all your websites or web apps, so you can get your time back.

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Meet ✨ Variables ✨

Example of variables
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Variables are chunks of data that you select from any web app. Magical Pro Beta remembers your Variables and automagically fills your Shortcuts, Spreadsheets, and Forms. Every time.

Variables make you 10x more productive

Not your typical text expander

Expand what you type. Summon large chunks of text you regularly type in just a few keystrokes, with the option to personalize key details.

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WHOA... outreach emails just became 100x easier."

SDR at Plaid

Sheets that fill themselves

Import data from websites and apps into your existing tools with just two keystrokes. Fill a Google Sheet effortlessly.

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Wow! Recruiting jams are so much easier!”

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Recruiting Manager at Slack

Data entry you won’t hate

Enter accurate data more quickly into any form, app, or service. Create new records in your CRM or ATS instantaneously.

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My SDR saved 10% of his day, but 90% on the part of the job he hates most: mundane repetitive work."

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VP at Ninth Decimal

It just works. Instantly.

With an intuitive click-and-select editor, identify the data you want to collect, and drop your data anywhere on the web in two keystrokes.

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Information at your fingertips.

Whether it be sourcing candidates from LinkedIn, updating your CRM, or responding to support tickets, variables get the data you need when you need it.

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Built with privacy 

in mind.

Magical never collects or stores your keystrokes. We take data privacy seriously.

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Save time with variables

Variables effortlessly move data across all your websites or web apps, so you can get your time back.

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